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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - When do you think they'll announces Switch Pro?

I'm starting to think they don't really have a Switch revision at all and that the next console they will launch will be a Switch like next gen Nintendo system.

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...when's Sony's next event?

eddy7eddy said:
trunkswd said:

At this rate I don't expect an announcement until January 2022 if it comes out in March or not until E3 2022 if it comes out holiday 2022. The Switch wasn't officially unveiled until a few months before launch.

Exactly same thought, with Zelda BotW 2 along with it on March. 

If we still have problem with the Switch demand/production, I don't know then haha, they are going to start thinking about Switch 2 probably.

It has been rumored/reported on for so long I would laugh if it ends up not being a real then in a few years they announce the Switch 2. But Microsoft did launch the Xbox One X just 3 years for the Series X|S. 

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I think their original plan was to announce it before E3, but they changed their mind at some point.  There were just too many rumors, including from Bloomberg news, in order for this to be totally nothing.  The real questions are "why did they delay the announcement" and "when will it actually come"?

Some reasons why they might have delayed the announcement:
-They realized that Switch sales are going to be up this year even without new hardware.
-Because of parts shortages, they realized they need more time to manufacture enough of the Pro model before it releases.
-There is a key game (or games) that they wanted to release with it to show off the hardware, and the game(s) got delayed.
-They are sick and tired of all of the damn leaks, and they wanted the leakers to have egg on their face.

Out of these 4 reasons, only the last one suggests they are going to release the model this year.  Sales are good without it?  Release next year.  Parts shortages?  Wait until after the holidays.  Key game?  Well what would be the key game?  The games most people commented on having good graphics were Mario+Rabbids 2 and BotW2.  Both of those games are coming in 2022.  On the other hand I've heard complaints about the graphics of both Pokemon BD/SP and Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp, and both of those games are coming during the 2021 holiday season.  It seems to me that the Switch Pro release is going to happen next year.

I think they are going to release the Switch Pro around March 2022, which means they'll probably announce it in January.  That will give them a full year to ramp up production and phase out the old model.

Next month for a October release

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Amnesia said:

I still believe there won't be.

Switch pro confirmed then

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Unless they want a really long gap between the Switch's launch in 2017 and a Switch successor's launch, it has to be coming out fall of this year or by March 2022.
I think it will get announced this summer in some random event or possibly a Nintendo Direct.

I suppose there's also a chance that this piece of hardware is the Switch's successor, and they take the Sony/Microsoft approach where a lot of first-party titles are cross-gen for the first year or two. That way they can extend the life of the Switch while also bringing a full-on successor to the plate that gets a new audience. But for that to happen, I think the new hardware would have to launch in 2022 or later.

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I'm starting to think that because there is no sales related reason to bring out an upgrade this year, cuz Switch is gonna sell probably 29/30 million this year anyways, they are gonna hold back the new model until next year. Maybe announce it next Spring and release it next summer.

Next year they'll drop Pokemon Legends in January, BotW2 maybe in March, reveal new model perhaps in April, release new model let's say in July, maybe drop Splatoon 3 in September, and who knows maybe have a 2D Mario game in November. Keep the mega selling hype bombs dropping throughout the year.

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SKMBlake said:
Amnesia said:

I still believe there won't be.

Switch pro confirmed then

I am too young here for having already a reputation of making wrong prediction.

But this one, I am telling it since 2019 that there will never be any Switch Pro because the Switch is already the "Wii U Pro" of the 8th gen.

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I'm not sure if anyone has had this take, but I now believe Nintendo cancelled the Pro. I think they were expecting Switch sales to be lower last year (by a lot) and not even close to what they have been this year, which would warrant a Switch Pro. They don't release new hardware, I don't believe unless their current hardware sales are tanking or at least diminishing greatly. We are still seeing roughly 400k Switch's sell every week and we are only in the second quarter, so why would they need to release the Pro at this point at all? To play some more games for the 10-20% (max) of their userbase that would bother to get the upgrade? I think not.

Instead, I predict they simply scrapped it and are instead going full throttle on Switch 2 upgrade that will launch 6 years after Switch, in March 2023. This will have tech in it that makes the Pro look like a joke by comparison, and people will have only have had to wait another 1-1.5years after the Pro would have come out in the first place. I think that small of a wait is worthwhile to consumers and to Nintendo so as to unify the playerbase of Switch 2.