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Dulfite said:

I'm not sure if anyone has had this take, but I now believe Nintendo cancelled the Pro. I think they were expecting Switch sales to be lower last year (by a lot) and not even close to what they have been this year, which would warrant a Switch Pro. They don't release new hardware, I don't believe unless their current hardware sales are tanking or at least diminishing greatly. We are still seeing roughly 400k Switch's sell every week and we are only in the second quarter, so why would they need to release the Pro at this point at all? To play some more games for the 10-20% (max) of their userbase that would bother to get the upgrade? I think not.

Instead, I predict they simply scrapped it and are instead going full throttle on Switch 2 upgrade that will launch 6 years after Switch, in March 2023. This will have tech in it that makes the Pro look like a joke by comparison, and people will have only have had to wait another 1-1.5years after the Pro would have come out in the first place. I think that small of a wait is worthwhile to consumers and to Nintendo so as to unify the playerbase of Switch 2.

So you think they scrapped the upgraded model because Switch sales are so good, but somehow think they're gonna rush a Switch 2 to the market a few years before it is needed while Switch is still killing it....because Switch sales were too good for a new model?? Might want to work on the logic of that one.


Possibly upgraded model may be pushed back to next year because it simply isn't needed at all this year, and Switch 2 is pushed back to like 2026.

At this point a Switch 2 coming out before 2025 would require the legendary sales "cliff" to appear, which doesn't seem at all likely, and even if it did that'd make a Switch 2 probably launch holiday 2024. 2026 successor is the most likely at this point.