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Forums - Movies & TV - Dark City vs The Matrix


Which is better?

Dark City 14 35.90%
The Matrix 25 64.10%

Dark City.

When I ask myself who would win in a fight, Neo or John Murdock, I side with Murdock. As powerful as Neo is when he's in the Matrix, he pales in comparison to Murdock's matter materialization. When Neo becomes Jesus, Murdock becomes God. I know, that's a dumb way to assess which movie is better.

Really though, where the matrix hits you with the bombshell discovery early, Dark City takes you for a long ride with a satisfying end. Basically why I liked it. Also, the possibilities for a sequel is far more interesting than the sequels we got from the Matrix.

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Never heard of the other one, but I doubt I’d find it to be better than The Matrix. The first movie anyways, which was amazing, the second and third were terrible.

Both are inspired by the lovecraft genre, so i love both. Matrix however had a lot of religious and philosofical undertones and of course a much bigger budget which made it better in the end.

Leynos said:

Matrix has aged like milk on a hot summer day in that regard. Dark City aged just fine like wine.

So The Matrix got better? It went from vile and disgusting milk to cheese or yoghurt (I assume that's what you're implying here)

While Dark City got worse? The alcohol content of the wine would have decreased with age, or at least it would have if the wine had been opened (again, I assume that's what you're suggesting here to contrast with the disgusting milk to nice cheese mentioned above).

Matrix's influence on cinema is undeniable. But I always found the movie crap. The sequels are just unbearable.

Dark City for me. Its one of my favourite movies. His other movie The Crow is probably my favourite CBM movie. Its a shame Proyas lost his touch.

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I watched the Matrix again just a couple of weeks ago. I have to say that I liked it more this time. For whatever reason, I wasn't as into it when it was new and couldn't see what all of the hype was about. But when I saw it recently, I can see that it is actually a really well made film. (The two sequels are not nearly as good though.)

I've never even heard of Dark City. I guess I'll have to check it out.

curl, I love you. Thank you for this thread :)

Dark City is one of my favorite movies. It's a sci-fi masterpiece, as far as I'm concerned. The Matrix is a really interesting, stylish, provocative movie, but I was never able to connect with it. So, Dark City for me.

I think The Matrix ended up using some sets from Dark City, if I'm not mistaken?

Dark City is the best film. Has substance and good acting.
Matrix is style and effects before anything else. And the "revived with the power of love " scene is like a Disney movie.

I always loved Dark City and was meh on Matrix. I have to admit though, that may have to do with my preferences in genre. Matrix gets over it's setting and premise fast to become an action movie, while uncovering the truth is the main driving force of Dark City throughout most of the movie. So this is mostly an action movie vs. a Film noir, and I always prefer Film noir. While I do enjoy a good action scene, I love uncovering a cool mystery.

EDIT: BTW, thanks for the inspiration to rewatch Dark City again this evening. It was a long time since I watched it last.

Somini said:

Both are inspired by the lovecraft genre, so i love both. Matrix however had a lot of religious and philosofical undertones and of course a much bigger budget which made it better in the end.

Lovecraft? None of these movies really have to do with Lovecraft novels. Maybe you refer to the dark tones, but that is something not exclusive to Lovecraft. Lovecraft was a master of supernatural horror, none of these movies falls into this category.

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Dark City, One of my favourite films of all time. I always try and spread word about how great it is since it always annoys me when people say they have never heard of it.