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I always loved Dark City and was meh on Matrix. I have to admit though, that may have to do with my preferences in genre. Matrix gets over it's setting and premise fast to become an action movie, while uncovering the truth is the main driving force of Dark City throughout most of the movie. So this is mostly an action movie vs. a Film noir, and I always prefer Film noir. While I do enjoy a good action scene, I love uncovering a cool mystery.

EDIT: BTW, thanks for the inspiration to rewatch Dark City again this evening. It was a long time since I watched it last.

Somini said:

Both are inspired by the lovecraft genre, so i love both. Matrix however had a lot of religious and philosofical undertones and of course a much bigger budget which made it better in the end.

Lovecraft? None of these movies really have to do with Lovecraft novels. Maybe you refer to the dark tones, but that is something not exclusive to Lovecraft. Lovecraft was a master of supernatural horror, none of these movies falls into this category.

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