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Forums - Movies & TV - Dark City vs The Matrix


Which is better?

Dark City 14 35.90%
The Matrix 25 64.10%
Leynos said:

Dark City didn't have as big a budget but it came up with the idea before. It's a better film. Just didn't have as much cool factor for its time. However, Matrix has aged like milk on a hot summer day in that regard. Dark City aged just fine like wine.

The Matrix was spectacular when it came out, but it's mostly the action scenes that define the movie. The 'story' parts are actually quite boring and drawn out. Dark city keeps me clustered to the screen for the whole movie. The atmosphere is perfect and every time I watch it I notice more details. The Matrix is the opposite and when I watch that I just feel like fast forwarding to the helicopter scene etc.

Anyway now Keanu Reeves is spoiled by CP2077, The Matrix is out. The sequels were the coffin, CP2077 added the nails. Matrix is done.

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Voting for the one that people actually know. You can't overstate the massive impact The Matrix had on pop culture, regardless of how "good" the movie was.

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I saw Dark City ages ago but can't remember much of it, so I guess that answers that.

I'd go even further and say The Matrix I would say is the best big budget Hollywood movie of the last 20+ years. Yup I said it. The only other thing I'd put in that class is the Lord of the Rings trilogy as a whole, but the Matrix is a wholly original IP whereas LOTR obviously had the massive benefit of a book to outline the entire world and story.

Quentin Tarantino has even said The Matrix is among the 10 best movie Hollywood has made since he started directing (1992) though he really hated the sequels lol. Battle Royale (the Japanese film) is no.1 for him. He said The Matrix was no.2 to that but he docked it points because of the sequels, lol, which I don't think is fair but it does tell you something when he considered it the no.2 movie from 92-modern day. 

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Never even heard of Dark City but if it's similar to the Matrix (and even more philosophical from what I gather), I guess I'll have to add that to my watchlist.


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I do understans that some looking back.. Dark city may seem more "cool" becourse low budget and Kiefer.. I loved it too.. But Matrix 1 was mindblowing in so many ways when it came.

When I left the teater after watching it back in 1999.. people didnt speak when walking out.. First after like 30 sec. people startet speakin.. the reason for this is that we all have this..."is this a dream" what is real and so some times.. And Matrix hit that perfect.

The most fuck up thing is that "matrix" may very well be real.. Great number of very smart people (including my self :) see "Simulation theory" as very likely.. because it do in fact turn out that our reality (atoms) when looking closely behave more "matrix" than "real world"

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To those who say they haven't seen Dark City, I highly recommend checking it out, with one warning; WATCH THE DIRECTOR'S CUT. The original cut stupidly spoils the twist in the opening prologue cos they thought audiences needed things spelled out for them.

Veknoid_Outcast said:

curl, I love you. Thank you for this thread :)

Dark City is one of my favorite movies. It's a sci-fi masterpiece, as far as I'm concerned. The Matrix is a really interesting, stylish, provocative movie, but I was never able to connect with it. So, Dark City for me.

I think The Matrix ended up using some sets from Dark City, if I'm not mistaken?

You are most welcome. :)

And yes, some of the sets for Dark City where reused for The Matrix the following year.

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Yeah I didnt like dark city that much. I liked the idea, but didnt like the movie.
Matrix on the other hand was pretty awesome

I will check out the dark city

Matrix is leagues above Dark City, some people just like protest voting, 'alternative' thinking, hating on what's popular etc.

I liked Dark City but it clearly could have used bigger budget. One scene that I remember clearly was when the city was shown from a distance in space and water was washing aside the city, it looked cool but made no sense.

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Love both. Combined with Equilibrium (and maybe eXistenz), you have a fine dystopian, reality-bending Scifi saga. Too bad about those Matrix sequels.

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