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I do understans that some looking back.. Dark city may seem more "cool" becourse low budget and Kiefer.. I loved it too.. But Matrix 1 was mindblowing in so many ways when it came.

When I left the teater after watching it back in 1999.. people didnt speak when walking out.. First after like 30 sec. people startet speakin.. the reason for this is that we all have this..."is this a dream" what is real and so some times.. And Matrix hit that perfect.

The most fuck up thing is that "matrix" may very well be real.. Great number of very smart people (including my self :) see "Simulation theory" as very likely.. because it do in fact turn out that our reality (atoms) when looking closely behave more "matrix" than "real world"

There is no spoon... only the ladder is real... Remember ;)

Last edited by FromDK - on 16 March 2021