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m0ney said:

Matrix is leagues above Dark City, some people just like protest voting, 'alternative' thinking, hating on what's popular etc.

I liked Dark City but it clearly could have used bigger budget.

One scene that I remember clearly was when the city was shown from a distance in space and water was washing aside the city, it looked cool but made no sense.

One, massive spoilers, a lot of people haven't seen the movie yet.
Two, does the Matrix make more sense to you?

(They clearly mastered gravity manipulation so it makes perfect sense with that in mind)

Three, if people don't agree with you it must be a protest vote? There's a lot more to movies than flash.

The Matrix was an amazing experience in the cinema, stunning, jaw dropping. It introduced the pause/slow mo pan around shot to cinema and commercials. The movie also has very drawn out sections and takes forever to get going on repeat viewings. Plus the whole you are the one stuff is always iffy.

Action scenes are top notch, still great to watch. But on repeat viewings, I'll sit down and can watch Dark city in its entirety while seeing new details. The Matrix I simply watch the good bits to enjoy the amazing sound effects. music and still cool visuals.

Anyway the one thing The Matrix is leagues ahead of Dark City is in budget!