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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon Presents Direct 2.26.2021 - Discussion


How do you rate the presentation?

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3 2 3.77%
4 2 3.77%
5 3 5.66%
6 4 7.55%
7 11 20.75%
8 14 26.42%
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10 9 16.98%

Remakes look bad, not because the isometric perspective but because the art direction seems closer to a off-brand toy tie-in....

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Holy Mother of God... they did it. They managed to entirely destroy the little hope I had for the series. And I barely had any left.

Diamond and Pearl have to be the laziest remakes ever made. Even Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee looked better. Those graphics... that artstyle... WTF were they thinking? Why would I ever want to play that over Pokémon Platinum?

And Pokémon Legends: Arceus feels even worse somehow. Yeah, it's an open world. But everything looks so bland, so empty, so clunky, so... boring. I don't know, I hope this is because they still have to polish the game in the year they have remaining... but as for right now I'm not impressed at all.

Also adding Legends next to Splatoon 3 as 1st party titles that are begging for a Switch upgrade.

Just watched it and man. It was glorious to be quite honest.

Pokemon Legends, while the footage was VERY raw, is everything that Pokemon needed to do to evolve. I mean, we still need to see if they make a good open world game and see if they have good and interesting mechanics, but its the first time in almost 20 years that I am excited for a new pokemon game. The only thing left to tweak now is the combat system. It needs to remain turn based, but the system itself is archaic and the same for 25 years. I want to see some change in that aspect too.

The only thing I'm confused is if this Legends game will be considered mainline or a spin off. I guess it will depend if it peforms well or not.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Otter said:

Also adding Legends next to Splatoon 3 as 1st party titles that are begging for a Switch upgrade.

Breath Of The Wild is running on the same console, so clearly not. It's just bad development

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damn I;m looking forward to everything they showed.

Imo Legends was not ready to be showned yet, everything looks too raw and unpolished 

I understood why they still choose to release the footage, Sinnoh remakes looks so bad that fandom was going to be turned of. Better hype the audience with something unfinished and distant 

I am excited for everything they have shown. The chibi artstyle I don't mind at all. It's basically the DS games in actual 3D, which is what I expected and wanted.

As for the Breath of the Wild Pokemon clone, I am really interested in it, but it needs a good amount of polishing. I could count the frames. But anyway, this excited me a thousand more times than the Sony Direct yesterday. Even the Nintendo Direct tbh.

The art-style of the remakes looks damn awful. I was actually looking forward to Diamond and Pearl getting remade as they are the only mainline games before 2016 or so that I haven't played. But the art-style definitely turns me off. Well... I'll probably still get one version if the remakes turn out to be decent. But I'm leaning towards buying a used copy of the DS games now. It's like they are trying to make people mad or something. But, that's one more huge title for the Switch this year!

Legends could be really cool. Definitely bolsters next year's Switch lineup. Splatoon 3, Pokemon Legends... already two big guns.

Love the let's go art style and the Pokemon Legends looks promising.