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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Golf: Super Rush Announced For Switch!

The game will launch on June 25th. Looks like the classic Mario Golf that we have grown to love. There is a story mode, though not much was really shown about it. There is the standard golf modes with new courses. There is also a new rush mode where you and 3 other golfers will be running around a golf course attempting to get the golf ball in the hole the fastest.

I always enjoy a good Mario sports game, so I will certainly be picking this one up. I really wish a Strikers game would be made eventually. But overall looks like solid new addition with good graphics. And the rush mode also sounds very interesting, there better be online with this mode.


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Looks like Camelot put more effort into this than Mario Tennis Aces.

Stooooooooked! I love that the story mode is back!

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This was the highlight of the Direct for me. I gotta say, Nintendo is really dragging.

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Golf is usually not my cup of tea in comparaison to tennis ... but I can say that Speed Mode look quite cool and could end getting so many funny scenarios for any gang who plays it.

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This one seems really promising. I think I may take the bite down the line.

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This will be a get. The story mode is back which I think many Mario Golf fans wanted.

Don't really care for Mario Tennis, so I wasn't interested in that game when it came out.

I am VERY much interested in Mario Golf and it's been a while since I've played a good Mario Golf game (the last one I played was Advance Tour on the GBA), so I'm very much looking forward to this!

I'm super excited for Mario Golf, I trust the devs and I trust the franchise. I been wanting a story mode back for awhile.


Mario Golf games have always been good solid titles. I remember playing Mario Golf on the OG gameboy and it was very fun.