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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Golf: Super Rush Announced For Switch!

I only ever played Mario Golf on gamecube, which I loved a lot. Never got into the handheld ones. Very excited for this!


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I saw this coming. We didn't get Mario Golf on Wii or Wii U, but we did get it on 3DS. And Tennis has been out for almost three years.
The Story Mode and Speed Golf are promising. The courses look kind of bland though. Here's hoping not all of them are. And fingers crossed that praises and insults come back from Toadstool Tour.

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And yet still no Mario Strikers anywhere...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I think the content in this game looks good, I'm just not sure if I would enjoy a golf game, or if it has enough Mario quirkiness to stay engaging for long periods of time (I've never played Mario golf).

I have been waiting for this game for along time, i played Mario Golf World Tour before the direct kinda ironic.

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This looks Super Rushed. Very basic looking. Why can't we have Strikers?! I don't even like soccer (all the fake injuries, the players standing around half of the time while slightly jogging other times, the annoying sounds fans make in some stadiums, the clock, etc.) but I love Strikers!

I was a huge fan of Mario Golf on the N64 but just had a harder time getting into it on the Gamecube for some reason (I just didn't find it to be as much fun). I still can't precisely figure out why I enjoyed and continue to enjoy the former but not the latter. The N64 version is just so addictive to pick up and play a few holes. I think that it might have been because with sufficient experience it was possible to "crack" the algorithm and make near perfect shots and putts on the N64 (it just feels like the Gamecube version introduced a lot more randomness and elements that helped newer players but punish the more experienced ones). I suspect that it's a similar thing that happened between Smash Meelee and Smash Brawl to make the game more appealing to casuals. I am sure that the Gamecube version was the better marketing decision, but it would be awesome if they could somehow recapture the magic of the original by maybe having a special gameplay mode of some kind. Some people like the challenge of building up a sufficient skill level to have it rewarded proportionally by eventually getting superhero level skills in the game even if it means getting absolutely destroyed when first starting out.

I'm very much looking forward to this one. It's probably the first really fresh looking game from any of the major devs since Ring Fit Adventure outside of the VR realm (which I haven't really been paying attention to). I've been craving another motion game for quite some time, and something like a nice snappy golf game fits the bill... as long as they don't do all these "get the angle precise" bullshit that devs did in Motion+ golf games.

For traditional games, the Final Fantasy Tactics clone is looking good, I enjoyed the demo; and I like how it doesn't follow the Squaresoft tradition of trying to fix something that isn't broken in games like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Bravely Default, Project Octopath, Child of Light (or was that Ubisoft?), and Final Fantasy Explorers (I think that was the one) - and ultimately make them games about figuring out how to bypass the bloated unnecessary mechanics.

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Nintendo really should bring at least one of these sports titles out a year as there is clearly a love for them from the fans.

Mario Tennis
Mario Golf
Mario Strikers
Mario Hoops
Mario & Sonic Olympics (maybe this is pushing it)

My point is that they could have one of these titles every summer. Yeah they are not going to sell 20+ million, but they also are not going to cost the same as a Zelda of 3D Mario to develop.


Rush mode looks like it will be worth the picking this up alone. Can't wait to play this with friends and family.

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