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On what console did you play your favorite Local Multiplayer Game?

Arcade 0 0%
Nintendo Console 21 75.00%
Sega Console 0 0%
PlayStation Console 3 10.71%
Xbox Console 2 7.14%
Atari 0 0%
PC 1 3.57%
Other 1 3.57%

Growing up was Nintendo no question. Sure I play Minecraft Dungeons with the Mrs. but Nintendo is still the king of couch coop.

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


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Wii is still my best local multiplayer console: Trauma Center series, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Wii series (Sports, Play, Fit, Party, Resort, Motion), Mario Kart Wii, Big Brain Academy, Just Dance series, We Ski / Cheer, Go Vacation, Super Smah Bros. Brawl, Mario & Sonic Olympic series, Rhythm Heaven Fever, Rock Band series, Super Swing Golf.

Can't decide my favourite between Trauma Center, Kirby's Epic Yarn and Go Vacation.
Have great memories playing multiplayer with those games.

Honorable mentions to the MegaDrive (Micro Machines, Streets of Rage), WiiU (NintendoLand, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Game & Wario, Hyrule Warriors) and Switch (Snipperclips, PuyoPuyo Tetris, Rocket League, Flat Heroes, Luigi's Mansion 3, 51 Worldwide Games, Overcooked series, Kingdom Two Crowns).

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It's definitely Nintendo console, starting from N64 through now Switch. I can't pick just one, they're all my favorite lol.

N64: Goldeneye 64, Mario Party 2 and Mario Kart 64

GCN: Metroid Prime 2, Mario Party 4, Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Timesplitters 2

Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Series and Guitar Hero III

Wii U: Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors and Nintendo Land

Wii Sports (and Sports Resort)
Mario Kart DS (I forget how many DS's we had linked up together at school, maybe six or eight of us?)
Call of Duty 4 splitscreen (Grenade launchers banned)
Fuzion Frenzy
Halo Reach Forge mode ("If you can't beat it, delete it")

Smash and Mario Party!

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The chaos of a 8-Player Smash game is unparalleled to me and my friends xD

Still, I do remember fondly my time with Castle Crasher on Xbox Live Arcade

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Nintendo World Cup on the NES, especially with the 4 player adapter

Vodacixi said:

Wii Sports and Wii Fit (and all their iterations) were also fantastic. I played them with my family for years and we had an awesome time with them. Bowling was legendary xD

Yeah I also had a lot of great times with family with Wii Sports Resort; my non-gamer Mum and Step Dad really got into the archery and bowling and flying the plane, it's one of the only games they've ever been able to really get into.

That was a big part of the magic of the Wii for me, the way it brought people together from all walks of life, young and old, gamer and non-gamer, and allowed us all to enjoy gaming together.

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Man this is tough... I can't pick one... In terms of playing a campaign cooperatively, I have the most fond memories of Super Mario 3D World and Sonic Racing Transformed.
Vs would have to be Smash Bros or a party game (Mario Party, Wii Party, Raving Rabbids).


Halo 2 was maybe the best. The Co-op campaign was really fun. Getting 4 players for local multiplayer was an issue, but it was great fun too.

Warriors games are pretty fun too for a bit.

All fighting games are fun with my friend. As long as both of us have a competitive spirit and similar skill levels then the fights are always awesome. Playing online together as a team or in a lobby was also great. Street Fighter 4 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in particular.