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On what console did you play your favorite Local Multiplayer Game?

Arcade 0 0%
Nintendo Console 21 75.00%
Sega Console 0 0%
PlayStation Console 3 10.71%
Xbox Console 2 7.14%
Atari 0 0%
PC 1 3.57%
Other 1 3.57%

Played mostly on Nintendo. The games I played the most with friends were Mario Party 2 and 4 specifically, Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 minigames, Star Fox Assault, and Pikmin 2.

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Goldeneye and to a lesser degree Perfect Dark were the kings for us. I picked Nintendo in the survey but Sony runs a close second for me with the Tekken series. I can't remember if 5 or 4 was the stinker but all other Tekken's besides 7 have enjoyed massive amounts of my in person gaming time with friends. 7 is still a solid game but after paying full price having to purchase individual characters left a very bad taste in the mouths of myself and the friends of mine that have been playing the series for years. As another person mentioned Tag 2 is probably the pinnacle of this series (I've argued with people on this forum that thought the game had too many characters - SMH).

By sheer volume of good local multi-player games Nintendo still gets the nod from me.

Thank you everyone for all your great recommendations, I have learned about a few games that I want to try out now, in particular I see many Coop games that sound like fun.

Here is a rough breakdown summary of what you have written in this thread:

Can't wait to see more recommendations and diamonds in the rough. 

I completely forgot about Hyrule Warriors AND Four Swords Adventures...


Dunno if this counts but my brother and I would set up both our Wiis with a TV each and play Monster Hunter Tri online together for hours and hours long into the night, and those were some of my best times of the 7th generation in terms of gaming.

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