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Forums - PC Discussion - I've official made the switch from Chrome to Edge


Do you use Edge?

Yes, it's my main browser 10 17.54%
sometimes, I switch around between browsers 7 12.28%
No, I mainly use Chrome 14 24.56%
No, I mainly use Firefox 15 26.32%
No, I mainly use Safari 4 7.02%
No, I mainly use a different browser 7 12.28%

I use Firefox and on occasion Edge as Edge does 1080p+ Netflix


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Random_Matt said:

Safari better than all of them.

That is what I mainly use for my iPhones.

Alongside Firefox and Google Chrome (and the Adblock browser).

Too bad Safari isnt supported on Windows anymore.


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You're a brave man.
I'm still using Firefox even though the initial start up is really slow. There's an easy fix though, I never shut down my laptop. I unplug the power brick and let my laptop slowly drain until it goes into hibernation (or you could just use the sleep option) and on the next day I can quickly resume.

Never been a fan of Chrome.

Isn't Edge basically Chrome now? They use Chromium.

I use:
Chrome and Edge at work.
Chrome and Opera on my laptop.
Samsung Browser and Chrome on my phone.

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I use Opera GX.

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Edge is my backup browser, Firefox primary.

I use Edge for Imgur and now also Eurogamer since for some reason they stopped working on Firefox. Eurogamer only gives a blank page since a week ago and Imgur only gives me "Zoinks! You've taken a wrong turn." when trying to access my pictures.

I still prefer Firefox since all my bookmarks are there and restoring my dozens of (previously) open pages always works.

Use FireFox then Edge then Chrome

Yes, Edge is my primary browser. I've been using it since it switched to Chromium, but I use it because the logo is really cool, and that's it. To be honest, I don't detect any differences between the many browsers that are available, which may be due to the fact that I only surf the web and nothing more. Edge does suck on mobile, though, it's way too slow on my phone.

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Edge is awesome. I started using it on Xbox and eventually on my phone. On my PC, it's my secret porn browser.

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d21lewis said:

Edge is awesome. I started using it on Xbox and eventually on my phone. On my PC, it's my secret porn browser.

not anymore i'll tweet about this MUHAHAHA

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