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Forums - PC Discussion - I've official made the switch from Chrome to Edge


Do you use Edge?

Yes, it's my main browser 10 17.54%
sometimes, I switch around between browsers 7 12.28%
No, I mainly use Chrome 14 24.56%
No, I mainly use Firefox 15 26.32%
No, I mainly use Safari 4 7.02%
No, I mainly use a different browser 7 12.28%

I got a new PC recently. I use Edge and Firefox now. Previously I used Chrome for years and years. In the last few years, I used Edge as an alternate browser. I feel like I'm done with Chrome. I know browsers in general can eat up a lot of RAM, but that's why Chrome is no longer my main pick. Firefox can eat up similar amounts of RAM, if not more. But Edge is my main pick now. It uses less RAM on average than either of those two.

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I still love Edge and use it exclusively on PC. It doesn't drain memory or crash like Chrome does.

smroadkill15 said:

As a long time Chrome only user, I've decided to fully switch over to Edge. For such a long time, MS browsers were just bad and slow, and I hated anytime I had to use it for something(work related usually), but I've only had positive experience with the new Edge browser. Chrome seems to be getting worse and slower as time goes by. Edge just seems clean and speedy. Even after full shutdown, it takes no time to boot up. 

My browser history(no bun intended) started with IE, then Firefox for a couple years, Chrome for roughly 8 years, and now Edge. Maybe in a few years I'll switch again. 

Has anyone else made the jump or seen themselves increase use with Edge? I know how hard it is to switch from one thing to something else entirely, which is why I used Chrome for as long as I did. 

Not a big jump, since both use the exact same rendering engine, chromium. Edge used to have it's own engine, until they switched in late 2018.

I'm mainly using Opera (and the gaming-centric Opera GX as a secondary browser), which is also based on chromium. It goes so far that in addition to Opera's own extensions, one can install standard chrome extensions without much fuss if there's no Opera version available.

Fun fact: The rendering engine of chromium is called blink and is a fork of webcore, one of the main components of webkit, the engine of the safari browser. As a result, all major browsers these days safe for Firefox are closely related.

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Use Safari mainly. I do use Edge though on my work laptop as it is a Windows laptop.


I Mac, so I Safari. Also on my iPhone obviously. It doesn't give me any reason to try something else.

Whenever I Windows, I've used Firefox since forever, because Internet Explorer was... mediocre, and Firefox isn't. Never was a fan of Chrome, don't really know why, it just feels like something I don't want to use. There's something off about it, besides how it looks, which is... mediocre. Edge is too new for me to have used in any capacity since Windows isn't my main system, so I can't comment. My friend says it's decent enough, but frankly 'decent' isn't good enough for me to use it over Firefox I guess.

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I‘m primarily on an iPad Pro nowadays lol, so it‘s Safari mostly.

I have firefox as a secondary option and on a Mac I tend to actually prefer it to safari. I used to use opera for years on both windows and Mac OS. I‘m not using a windows machine anytime soon, so I can’t comment on Edge.

S.Peelman said:

I Mac, so I Safari. Also on my iPhone obviously. It doesn't give me any reason to try something else.

Unless Apple updates Safari quickly and in major ways, you will soon get enough reasons to upgrade. More and more html and css code is not working on safari while working on the other browsers. Those tags and styles are not very widespread yet, but if they do, then a lot of pages would be broken under safari.

Firefox. I like how it's more customizable than most other browsers, it has a more open design philosophy in general, and in the large scale, it's also the last major non-WebKit-based browser, so really the last major thing in the way of Google's dominance over the web. We don't need Google dictating how the web evolves, so it's kind of important there's alternatives to WebKit-based browsers. I suppose Apple has a decent marketshare as well, but it too is based on WebKit, so still not the greatest thing.

I only do fairly basic stuff with my browser (no gaming etc) so I never noticed any differences in performance at all between Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Chrome has always been my main browser until 3 or 4 years ago, then switched to Firefox because it has better privacy.