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Forums - Sony Discussion - TLOU2 is losing steam. Why?

You expected it to be first in the charts after months of release? You expected the game to be the main talking point of gaming now that we are days away of a new generation of consoles? Third best selling game of the year according to what replicant posted and it had a massive dumb hate campaign that started a month before the game released, one of the worsts ever that probably hurt a bit. I hope they hit us with a upgrade for multiplayer and a patch to make the game even better than what it is on ps5, a free patch btw.


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I'm waiting a few more months if a better PS5 version gets announced.

Especially since Spider-Man shows that free upgrades of Sony's first party titles aren't a given.

Wouldn't be shocked if it just looks to depressing with what is going on in the world and to me the game looked awful. Also i've pretty much vowed to never buy a ND-game again after the false-flagging of Youtubers

It's tough to hold the conversation when new platforms are launching. The majority of gamers want to play the new stuff. Plus it's a great game, but I believe Cyberpunk is going to steal the show.

I'm pretty sure it will dominate GOTY awards unless Cyberpunk receives accolades on par with The Witcher series.

TLOU Part II is a linear story based game. It does not have multiplayer or an open world that will keep people playing and exploring.

I, and I expect many others, am waiting for an updated PS5 version of the game that hopefully includes multiplayer. I didn't play TLOU when in came out on PS3. I played TLOU Remastered for the first time on PS4 in 2016. It's one of my favorite games. It has been difficult, but not impossible, to avoid Part II spoilers given all the drama surrounding the game.

Also some people are just hoping for this game to fail and taking digs and shots at it whenever they can.

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kirby007 said:
once you have seen a story it's finished, see Game of Thrones

Every game that releases these days goes straight to twitch, and anyone can see the story of every game that comes out.  The game still sold millions in it's first couple of days, so this simply is not true.

BraLoD said:
A massive hate campaign was what happened, and people bought on it.
What happened with it on Metacritic alone was unprecedent.
It's by far the best game this year, which is really sad for those people missing on it.
Probably still made ND good money already and they may make a TLoU2R like they did back with the original and the PS5 early day hype might help it a lot since there will be no hate campaign anymore, who knows.

And why was there a massive hate campaign?  There had to be something wrong with the game for there to be so much pushback against it, otherwise, there wouldn't be an unprecedented hate campaign on Metacritic.  It wouldn't have gained so much traction and any hate for the game wouldn't have stuck.


You do not take a character, who could sense when someone was lying and trying to ambush in the first game, and allow him to immediately trust a new person and a random group of people, all the while Tommy is going out and giving out names, like they don't know they've been murdering people to survive over 20 years.  It's so foolish and comical that it's not even realistic by any stretch of the imagination.  If you want to kill Joel so badly, and bring out the rage of the player to go after Abby you have to set-up Joel as being a competent, worthwhile character.  He never would have done that in the first game, or he wouldn't have survived.  How you handle the character is important.

Not to mention, the gameplay is suck in 2013.  Outside of the graphics, there is nothing special about this game that couldn't have been done on PS3.  Gameplay is almost exactly the same, with some minor rope climbing added.  But what is this game doing outside of graphics that shows it's evolved over a 7 year period?

The ending of the game was a let down too.  All that set-up, and Ellie is going around killing people without mercy, yet the ONE person the player WANTS to kill, and Ellie lets her go free?  Abby would have died anyway.  She was captured and Ellie saved her (what?) After Tommy asked her to leave Dena and the baby and go out and kill, or something?  I'm foggy with the details. but Ellie's story was done.  She had no reason to leave that house, and had she not, Abby would have died anyway.  Too see her freed, and Ellie without a family, for no reason, was onr horrible let-down in the story out of many.  It most definitely was not game of the generation, or game of the year, by a long shot, and I 100% disagree with your assessment.

Word of mouth, the story being laid out all over the place. Less than stellar reviews. Still did good but didn't become the GOTG by a long shot.

Sometimes you can only capture lightning in a bottle once. Esp when you go from Amy Henning to Druckman. It's a pretty massive step down. Writing is pretty bad but even if you like it. One thing is clear. This game is divisive. the original game had detractors like any game (I'm one of them) but overall those people were in the great minority. This game is more 50/50 or maybe even 60/40 in love or hate but it's still a lot of people who dislike it. Some outright hate it. Can chalk it up to politics/writing taking a step down. Characters and even gameplay. Some review I saw just felt the gameplay was stuck in 2013. Not to mention the leaks ahead of time soured people from the get-go and never changed their mind after that even if some of the leaks were not true. About every series goes through this at some point. Every franchise has a black sheep game.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

This division over the game reminds of the MGS2 fallout back in 2001. Fans were outraged that we had to play as Raiden for the majority of the game, accusing Kojima/Konami of false advertising. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Nowadays, MGS2 is recognised as the masterpiece that it is. People get too invested in characters and can't see the wood from the trees. Once time has passed, a proper reflection and analysis will have taken place, which provides a more accurate picture of the merits/faults of a game.

As of this post, #263 in the top 100 hourly sellers. Latest Animal Crossing that came out earlier this year, that's at #12.

Never a good idea to cut in half a player's investment early on in the game.