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Forums - Sony Discussion - TLOU2 is losing steam. Why?

BraLoD said:
Burning Typhoon said:

Every game that releases these days goes straight to twitch, and anyone can see the story of every game that comes out.  The game still sold millions in it's first couple of days, so this simply is not true.

And why was there a massive hate campaign?  There had to be something wrong with the game for there to be so much pushback against it, otherwise, there wouldn't be an unprecedented hate campaign on Metacritic.  It wouldn't have gained so much traction and any hate for the game wouldn't have stuck.


You do not take a character, who could sense when someone was lying and trying to ambush in the first game, and allow him to immediately trust a new person and a random group of people, all the while Tommy is going out and giving out names, like they don't know they've been murdering people to survive over 20 years.  It's so foolish and comical that it's not even realistic by any stretch of the imagination.  If you want to kill Joel so badly, and bring out the rage of the player to go after Abby you have to set-up Joel as being a competent, worthwhile character.  He never would have done that in the first game, or he wouldn't have survived.  How you handle the character is important.

Not to mention, the gameplay is suck in 2013.  Outside of the graphics, there is nothing special about this game that couldn't have been done on PS3.  Gameplay is almost exactly the same, with some minor rope climbing added.  But what is this game doing outside of graphics that shows it's evolved over a 7 year period?

The ending of the game was a let down too.  All that set-up, and Ellie is going around killing people without mercy, yet the ONE person the player WANTS to kill, and Ellie lets her go free?  Abby would have died anyway.  She was captured and Ellie saved her (what?) After Tommy asked her to leave Dena and the baby and go out and kill, or something?  I'm foggy with the details. but Ellie's story was done.  She had no reason to leave that house, and had she not, Abby would have died anyway.  Too see her freed, and Ellie without a family, for no reason, was onr horrible let-down in the story out of many.  It most definitely was not game of the generation, or game of the year, by a long shot, and I 100% disagree with your assessment.

The hate campaign started a month before the game even released, the majority of metacritic score game asap when it was humanly impossible to have beaten the game.

I'm part of some gaming communities on facebook and a lot of people still can't handle a woman being as strong as Abby was, even as she trained her ass off like a maniac for her revenge.

The reason behind the hate campaign was just one: blind hate.

I've already stated exactly what the issues with the game were.  You didn't address a single one of them, and bring up the irrelevance of Abby's body structure.  I didn't once mention it because it had nothing to do with why the game was bad.  Four or five people not being able to handle muscular women is not the same thing.  There's no reason to even bring that up as a part of the conversation.  Of course, there's blind hate but not to the point you're speaking of.  Because if you have to bring that up, you have to bring up Ellie's sexuality too.  It's not a big deal, not everyone has to be the same, and it's fine.  If you have a problem with Abby you no doubt have a problem with Ellie too, and I don't see you mention that either.

I've heard people say, "I don't use females in games."  And you know what?  That's fine too.  Some people just don't like playing characters that aren't like them.  But I've already said my issues with the game, and it had nothing to do with my expectation of how women should be treated in games.  If it was really that bad, the first game would have failed.

Abby's set-up was done entirely wrong in the game.  You have to make a character be legitimately likable if you want her to kill Joel, and that's not what happened.

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kazuyamishima said:
Game Informer picked Part II the best game of the generation so far, and other sites picked it as the best PS4 game this year.

All I’m seeing in FB groups, YouTube and forums is more people getting to play the game and accepting is a really good one.
It went from 3.1 on metacritic to 5.7 and from 2.8/5 starts to 4.6/5 on Amazon, that’s quite the achievement.

At this time the game would be near 10 million units sold, is still at full price and Many were waiting on a confirmation for a PS5 remastered in order to play it.

But we also have that Black Friday is only a month away and it will
Be around $25-30 so many will pull the trigger then.

10 million lol, total player counts(new copies, 2nd hand copies, profile sharing, and etc) is currently sitting at 6.9 million users. 

TLOU2 had already receiving -$20 price promotions by Sony. 

Raw data of TLOU2 vs other Sony games player count

No offense but some people still haven't played/completed the game. Would be nice for some of you to edit your posts to remove spoilers or at least hide them.

ClassicGamingWizzz said:
You expected it to be first in the charts after months of release? You expected the game to be the main talking point of gaming now that we are days away of a new generation of consoles? Third best selling game of the year according to what replicant posted and it had a massive dumb hate campaign that started a month before the game released, one of the worsts ever that probably hurt a bit. I hope they hit us with a upgrade for multiplayer and a patch to make the game even better than what it is on ps5, a free patch btw.

That chart is not for best selling games of the year. It is for the highest revenue in U.S.A only for the year. Plus Bethesda and Nintendo dont report digital sales to NPD. I believe Take Two doesnt as well.

Its possible something like Super Mario 3D All Stars; GTA 5 and MK8D have outsold it YTD world wide.

Not to mention its nowhere to be seen in any sales charts.

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I forgot this game even existed and I read video game news every day. That says a lot.

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Sony games are front loaded. Nothing new.

I personally don't get the people can't handle a muscular woman argument. I mean, Capcom fighting games like Chun Li. Or just about any female in a Capcom fighting game and half the roster of Mortal Kombat games. Samus Aran esp in the SNES version. Overwatch. Tyris Flare of Golden Axe. Blaze of Streets of Rage. Vanessa lewis VF. Amazon Dragon's Crown. Kassandra AC:O. Kanna Kirishima Sakura Wars. Boss MGS3. Leona Heidern KOF. Female warrior in Diablo. Rinkah FE Fates. Milda from Grandia. Ayla Chrono Trigger. Hanna Suikoden 2. Shina Bloody Roar. Hammer Fable II. And that's just what I can think of off the top of my head. Hundreds more muscular female characters in games. So I don't buy that argument people hate TLOUII because muscle woman.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

It’s the second best reviewed game this year with a 93 on metacritic. Only persona 5 another ps4 exclusive got a higher score with 95. Haters gonna hate.

Blaming it on controversy or boycott is wishful thinking. If anything it boosted sales. The main reason for a game not having legs is not being a Nintendo game.

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OP fail to put any data so drawing any conclusion is silly.
Will wait for Sony announcement of milestones.

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