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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Old Games I want to see on the Switch

Where is the Chronno Trigger port for the Switch, SE?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I really wish Konami would release a Parodious collection on Switch

And yes, they already had a western (european) release, so no need to make additional translations.

I miss wave race and Snowboard kids !

I second Little King's Story, a great game.

I want to see also Pandora's Tower on Switch.

And Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD:

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Final Fantasy Tactics someone?

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IcaroRibeiro said:
Final Fantasy Tactics someone?

The original FFT is a classic. I stayed away from Square games because I felt they were a little too obvious; don’t get me wrong, I definitely want the original FFT, Xenogears, and the entire Squaresoft library from SNES and PSX on the Switch; IMO, their golden age was the mid-late 1990s. Even if it were 2050 I’m sure I’d have a good time playing some incarnation of those games. When I say “incarnation” I am talking more like FF4 GBA rather than FF7R. The original SNES version of FF4 suffers from outdated UI—thankfully, fixed in all later editions.

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I want EA to get off their asses and just upres that Rogue Squadron Wii compilation that was completed but never released. It wouldn't require any more effort than Nintendo put into their lazy 3D All Stars.

Switch has been getting alot of classic games ported to switch . There might be an N64 app in the Future?

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I loved Skies of Arcadia on Game cube so that would be awesome. 2 games I want to see would be Red Steel 2 and Turok Rage wars in HD with online multiplayer are 2 things I have wanted for a while.

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I really just want to see more Wii (and GC) ports with updated resolution. Metroid Prime Trilogy, SMG2 and Fzero GX among others.