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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Smash Bros Ultimate new DLC Fighter will be revealed tomorrow!!

JWeinCom said:
mZuzek said:

Big enough to have a chance, I can't think of any either, but just for the general appeal I think it'd be a lot more exciting to get someone like Dante or a Monster Hunter rep than... Geno. Or something like that.

Min Min was alright, I guess, but personally I really don't care.

I just don't like Dante that much. Monster Hunter as a series is big, but it doesn't really have a specific character to represent it. The monsters themselves are more prevalent.

Yeah, I actually agree. But adding those franchises to Smash (well, other than Rathalos showing up in single-player modes) would just mean so much, I think it'd be cool. Of course there are other characters I'd want far more, but I don't believe any of them are making it in.

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Wyrdness said:
Crash Bandicoot is what rumours are claiming although I'd like to see Paper Mario added.

*vomits* I just want Dante so he and Bayonetta can finally fight each other.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Gordon Freeman announced, Half Life 3 confirmed..

All seriousness, lets get the Doom Slayer in Smash.

Just woke up from a dream where it was Paper Mario as the dlc character! With Rawk Hawk as a skin!

AMAZING! I love it. Looks so much fun.

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First amazing DLC character since Hero

Minecraft Steve/Alex as well as Palette Swaps for Zombie and Enderman!

Yeah, I can't think of a much better choice for smash, if we're being honest.

Was a bit disappointed at first because I thought Mario got shot into space and Doomguy would appear. Minecraft makes sense though. Fun trailer.

*sees the reveal* I never thought I'd click dislike on a Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal trailer. Until now. -_-

lol sure