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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you still miss the E3 in 2020?


Do you missed this year E3?

Yes, I actually missed it 32 61.54%
No, not at all 20 38.46%

As you may know, the E3 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. And 2020 was quite a year for gaming due to the approaching of Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Right, we didn't have a 2020 press conference, but Microsoft and Sony have made some digital events to reveal their new consoles and games. Nintendo, of course, still had some Directs.

So... Do you missed the E3 after all?

I was quite sad when I saw the event getting cancelled, since it's my tradiction to watch it every year. But to be honest, we had some great individual events, so I don't think it was such a thing. What do you think?

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I still miss it. It's nice having all those big announcements in one place over a couple days. Obviously I'm just speaking as a fan, not taking into account how much of a pain in the ass apparently it is to deal with the organizers.

Not a single bit. I had already started hating the over the top direction E3 had been going over the last 3 years. I prefer events like what sony/Nintendo does with its PS5 events/SOPs/Nintendo Directs thing. Everything just seems more real and relaxed if that makes sense.

No, had forgotten all about it. Directs are a proper replacement for me.

I really like E3. Every industry needs to have a big event to celebrate what's going on. Movies have the Oscars and Comic Con. Video games have E3. Part of the point of the event is simply to draw attention to video games in general. On top of that I personally get psyched about E3, since I like seeing all of the announcements concentrated into one week.

I suppose video games still have other events, but E3 is the biggest one. I miss it and I think it's a bad idea to try to kill it off or whatever.

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I miss it, the individual showcases suck so badly. E3 once a year is vastly superior to individual events.

I don't miss E3 within itself. I miss the concise time period in which we got the news. Summer of Games was like 2 months long and felt lame. I'd be fine again of an event 3 days of Directs instead, however. No real need to do that but I'd like that as it would be more exciting in a short period. For me as a consumer, I see no need to see who has what booth at E3. Long-awaited the death of stage shows. They were overly long. They were awkward and the only thing that changed is whoever they paid to put up massive LED screens in some new way each year. E3 was already slowly dying but Covid19 outright killed it. E3 was created in the mid-90s when CES was not enough and gaming needed it's own show. Now 25 years later we have a million betters ways to deliver news and a million game show events. E3 is a relic. A nostalgic one but still a relic.

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E3 has been pretty boring since the early 2010s. I won't really miss it if it goes away permanently.

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I'm pretty indifferent. I watched E3 during 2012 - 2014, which was fine, but I can get the tldr and find out what happens on this website.

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