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I don't miss E3 within itself. I miss the concise time period in which we got the news. Summer of Games was like 2 months long and felt lame. I'd be fine again of an event 3 days of Directs instead, however. No real need to do that but I'd like that as it would be more exciting in a short period. For me as a consumer, I see no need to see who has what booth at E3. Long-awaited the death of stage shows. They were overly long. They were awkward and the only thing that changed is whoever they paid to put up massive LED screens in some new way each year. E3 was already slowly dying but Covid19 outright killed it. E3 was created in the mid-90s when CES was not enough and gaming needed it's own show. Now 25 years later we have a million betters ways to deliver news and a million game show events. E3 is a relic. A nostalgic one but still a relic.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!