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Do you missed this year E3?

Yes, I actually missed it 32 61.54%
No, not at all 20 38.46%

Yes. I feel like we didn't get the same magnitude of new announcements overall this year as we usually do during e3.

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Yes I miss it. These online shows scattered all over the place have been a wank.

I haven't been interested in E3 since the late 00s. There just isn't much need for it nowadays.

I love E3 tbh and I especially miss it this year cause now developers have an excuse to not show anything in June. E3 for me is one of the most anticipated events of the year for me since it gives surprises of what's coming. E3 has been getting smaller the past several years thanks to companies beginning to use more digital events to market their games, a trend that started with Nintendo directs, also leaks often before e3 kinda ruin the surprises of E3. However, I still look forward to the event and I hope it could return next year.

Yes, I miss it. I not only miss it but I haven't watched most presentatioins this year. They're just all over the place, in different dates, I can't catch up.

Besides, the consoles were supposed to be shown there. This console release year is a mess. Pre orders all over the place, the media had no access to the consoles, no one even knows the PS5 system screens.

This bunch of Youtube live videos everywhere is not the same thing as a week of E3. Not even close.

God bless You.

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Yes I still missed it.

Yes because it was a cool get to together with friends plus endless discussions afterwards on what was shown. Hoping 2021 happens.

I could see Summer Games fest even surpassing e3, but I did miss it, because of COVID.