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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you still miss the E3 in 2020?


Do you missed this year E3?

Yes, I actually missed it 32 61.54%
No, not at all 20 38.46%

Yeah nothing beats the excitement and reactions of a live stage.

The funny moments and meme worthy stuff is also missed.

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I miss them a lot. It was one of the most anticipated moments of the year for me. So much information on such a short period of time, the rivalry between companies, deciding who's show was best... The multiple videogame reporters having interviews with developers in order to get any bit of new information. Hearing the crowds react to the announcements and watching live for any meme worthy moment. There were so many great things about E3 and it was a dream of mine to someday be there.

It really makes me think that I don't enjoy videogames just for the games. As any hobby, the community aspect makes it so much more enjoyable. We now have these prerecorded directs and I get that many people are okay with them but, to me, they are nothing but watered-down versions of what we had before.

I don't really miss it.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Remember when they got rid of E3 during the recession in 2010?

What's that again?

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Yeah, I miss it. It is a good period where we can get into a vast array of announcements in a short period of time and there's also this feeling of the community which finally becomes together a whole more than usual ... If you forget all those console war mongers that is.

Also, it means we would've had a Nintendo E3 Direct instead this suffering dry summer lol

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Yep. These digital events don't compare to E3 presentations. For example Ubisoft did fun shows but these couple Ubisoft forward events have been mostly whatever. It was much better getting a ton of announcements in a few day span than getting stuff trickled out over several months and no longer seeing crowds go crazy with hype will be unfortunate. Stuff like reactions to Twilight Princess and FF7 remake are amazing.

not really digital showcase is fine,
keeps every1 safe!

I look forward to E3 every year, so I missed it bigtime this year. People love to talk about how it's relevance is on the decline, and that may be true. But, it is still the biggest gaming news event, by a very wide margin. There's nothing else even in the ballpark in terms of the number and magnitude of the big announcements that we usually get from E3.

Yes. I feel like we didn't get the same magnitude of new announcements overall this year as we usually do during e3.