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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your Favorite 3D Mario Game?


Favorite 3D Mario game?

Super Mario 64 17 20.24%
Super Mario Sunshine 3 3.57%
Super Mario Galaxy 20 23.81%
Super Mario Galaxy 2 15 17.86%
Super Mario 3D Land 3 3.57%
Super Mario 3D World 12 14.29%
Super Mario Odyssey 14 16.67%

From the ones I've played, 3D World > 3D Land > Odyssey.

3D World is kind of the game that made me realize I like Mario platformers, since I didn't like Galaxy when I played it as a kid, and also didn't like the 2D games I tried on the Wii. That's not to say that opinion correlates to one I would have now if I played those games, I simply don't have Galaxy anymore and haven't played the 2D games yet (but I do love Mario Maker).

Odyssey is so disappointing in the sense that, I find the overall idea of Odyssey more appealing than 3D World, it's going for an epic singleplayer experience with controls based around a behind-the-character camera system. But man, does the game's level design feel lazy. It's like Nintendo didn't even try most of the time. The moons are just placed everywhere and don't feel fun to collect because of that. I guess it's on the opposite extreme of the prior games, where you had to go out of your way to get every star by replaying a level. In Odyssey you can't move three feet without stumbling into six moons.

And it would be one thing if that was the only issue, but I honestly don't find a lot of the kingdoms that great either. Lake Kingdom is just dull, Ruined Kingdom and Cloud Kingdom are offensive. But the absolute worst is the Snow Kingdom. What the fuck Nintendo? This game is inspired by and pays homage to the N64 era of video games, more specifically platformers like Mario 64 but still .... when you have things like Banjo Kazooie's Christmas level or the Snowhead hub from Majora's Mask as some of the coolest wintery areas in video game history, and that's the era you're taking inspiration from, but you turnout this fucking boring ass level that has nothing in the outside part, and very little to do in the inside part ... just why? Why? WHY?

I might have to review this game, my god.

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Mario 64, easily. I still remember the incredible controls, inspired level design, and fantastic gameplay elements. Few games made a bigger impression on me than this one. Odyssey is amazing, but not nearly as impactful as M64 in any way. I've barely tried Galaxy and never played Sunshine so I don't know about those. I will say that what little I have played of Galaxy most of all annoyed me because of the control scheme (I really don't like the Wii-mote at all). Looking forward to trying it with the Switch Pro controller soon!

I am interested to replay 64 and Galaxy in 2020 though. I thought 64 had already seemed a bit dated the last time I replayed it on the DS, well over a decade ago, so I’m a bit nervous as to how it will feel now. Galaxy I thought was still a timeless masterpiece when I last replayed it about 5 years ago.

Galaxy 1
Followed by Galaxy 2

And thats it. Thats my top 2. Never been much of a fan of 3D Mario games, that series saw its golden years in 2D.

The best ones are definitely Mario 64, both Galaxies, and Odyssey. Mario 64 obviously has the most nostalgia around it, and simply running in circles and jumping in that game is fun, but I imagine its scope and detail of worlds doesn't hold up to more recent Mario games. Galaxy, Galaxy 2, and Odyssey are all amazing. Galaxy 2 was definitely a bit better than Galaxy as it came close to perfecting the Galaxy formula, and I feel like maybe it was a little better than Odyssey because with the switch from like stars to collect to more numerous moons to collect some of the moon were just too easy and didn't feel that rewarding, so I just voted for Galaxy 2.

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Yeah mine isn't the popular choice but...yes...3D Land. I just love everything about this game. The levels and level variety are just gold, the music is great, tons of content and replayability, just the perfect 3D Mario for me.

Galaxy 2 would be my second choice though. followed by Odyssey, Galaxy 1, 3D World, Sunshine and then 64. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of Mario 64. I tried to like it but I dunno I guess being born when Mario 64 was old news, it wasn't a game I grew up with. But I fully understand the impact it had on not only the 3D Mario games going forward but 3D games in general.

Super Mario 64 as the first 3D Mario game was as close as you can get to perfection, the movement was incredible, the level design consistent across the board and a great transition of themes and presentation from 2D Mario to 3D.

Super Mario Sunshine is the least polished of the bunch, a lot of collision issues and some glitchy physics, but it still retains a lot of the great level design and movement of 64, got a lot of mileage out of the tropical setting while still keeping areas feeling distinct and the more linear platforming challenges were a good change of pace in the middle of the more open 64 like levels.

The Super Mario Galaxy games, while don't feel as fluid and their movement not as expansive as 64 and Sunshine, they trade that with much more inventive ideas and level design. Galaxy was a great novelty for Mario, with its presentation, atmosphere and an emphasis on a more epic feeling storyline than the previous games, more akin to an adventure like its RPG spin-offs while keeping the mainline simplicity. Galaxy 2 is technically superior to the first game in almost every aspect compared except story, it has a better use of the orchestral score, even more inventive level design and ideas, and Yoshi, but is not as novel as the original game, could have kept the same gameplay premise but with a different story and stakes to avoid feeling like a less epic Galaxy 1 and stand tall with it, still both incredible games.

Super Mario 3D Land is the most standard of the series, it has all the ingredients of what makes an amazing game, but it lacks the flavor that the previous entries had, very much more like a New Super Mario Bros. in 3D, while still having more heart put into it than those. Super Mario 3D World fixes all of that, it keeps the 3D Land style but adds the creativity in spades of the 3D Mario games, is one of the most consitently good and inventive Mario game, by mixing a lot of ideas from every game while adding new ones. Only thing holding them back is that they don't feel very epic as a whole, but rather reach that peak brilliance at certain moments, 3D World may have the greatest Bowser fight ever concieved, but moments like those are only felt sometimes rather than the entire run.

Super Mario Odyssey is a game that eclipses every other title in its sense of adventure, Mario's movement is the best in the series, the world feels diverse and creative, and while the level of creativity across every kingdom can vary, they all have memorable moments even in the less inspired ones, the capture mechanic brings a ton of new ideas to the table, as the game keeps piling new enemies and things in every kingdom making them don't feel stale, is a pure joy to play.

As a rank it would be: Odyssey > 3D World > Galaxy/2 (I'll have to replay them to be 100% sure) > 64 > Sunshine > 3D Land

On the whole they are an amazing set of games, unmatched by any other 3D platformer.

Overall probably 3D World. I tend to think 3D Mario is only an ok game to begin with, so it's more fun to play with friends. If I were to rank the ones I've played it would be

3D World > Galaxy > Galaxy 2 > Sunshine > Odyssey > 64
(haven't played 3D Land)

Dulfite said:
64, Galaxy, Galaxy 2 are locked behind controllers, at least initially, I did not enjoy.

Sunshine is short. 3D world was fun, but not as unique as it's predecessor.

It's between Odyssey and 3D Land for me. 3D land was such a shockingly good and enjoyable game that felt like it came out of no where. The post game content on that game was INSANE for Nintendo, so I'm giving it to them and I see as of now I'm the only one that voted for it lol oh well.

3D Land, very interesting.

I think many might have blown that one off because of what it's not, rather than what it is (similar to 3D World). I for one liked it quite a bit.

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Super Mario Odyssey. Almost every issue I have with it is a nitpick. The creativity and also return to form it offered to Mario were so refreshing.
After that...SMG2>SMG>SMS>SM64>SM3DW>SM3DL

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