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If I had to rank them I guess I'd go:

Galaxy > Galaxy 2 > Odyssey > 64 > 3D World > 3D Land > Sunshine

Galaxy 2 retained almost everything great about the first game and is still one of the best games ever made, but I found its brighter aethetics (e.g. blue skies over more cosmic backdrops) and score a little less powerful, and it didn't feel quite as fresh or impactful as the original.

Odyssey is jam-packed with inspired ideas and fantastic variety, and while it did have a little too much padding, it's still a gold-class revival of the collectathon-platformer subgenre for the modern age.

64 is showing its age, but still boasts memorable worlds, a broad range of challenges, and a great sense of adventure.

3D World is somewhat lacking scope and ambition compared to the games mentioned so far, but is still polished to a glowing sheen and plenty of fun.

3D Land is a little less memorable than World, but still very enjoyable.

Sunshine is just meh.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 14 September 2020

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