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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your Favorite 3D Mario Game?


Favorite 3D Mario game?

Super Mario 64 17 20.24%
Super Mario Sunshine 3 3.57%
Super Mario Galaxy 20 23.81%
Super Mario Galaxy 2 15 17.86%
Super Mario 3D Land 3 3.57%
Super Mario 3D World 12 14.29%
Super Mario Odyssey 14 16.67%

Super Mario Odyssey. it's my favorite mainly because I think it's the one that gives the biggest sense of adventure (which is something I really appreciate in games). In this game, exploring every nook and cranny of the worlds is really satisfying because there will always be something to find, and I also love the incredible variety that the Cappy transformations give to the gameplay and how there's so many creative challenges that make use of said transformations. While the game is not as tight as the more linear games, there's still many challenges that put your platforming skills to test.

Also, Galaxy 2 > Galaxy.

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Galaxy, as it is one of the best games ever made. However I also have a very soft spot for sunshine so it is very close between the two

64 for me. Simple yet revolutionary for its time

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I think what made Odyssey especially sweet to me was that it felt like exactly what was missing with 3D World; that sense of adventure, of interesting worlds to explore, of ambition and scope and Mario doing exciting new things instead of playing it safe.

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Welp, Odyssey is my favorite 3D Mario of all time(then Sunshine, i loved sand bird), I'm genuinely satisfied and pleased with charming gameplay variation.

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3d world then galaxy

Galaxy would have to be the best Mario game ever made, however since i played Mario 64 first, its WoW factor of 3D worlds at the time was unrivaled so due to nostalgic reasons, i pip Mario 64 just over the Galaxy series.

Odyssey, imo the best platformer I’ve played period.

It seems that the galaxy games are the most popular here by a pretty large margin. I thought the votes being split between both might hurt them individually, looks like nintendo should get working on galaxy 3

I think if you rate them at the time of their release it'd be something like:
64 > Galaxy > Odyssey > Galaxy 2 > Sunshine

But rating them now, with 64 obviously being dated (but still amazing), and Galaxy 2 definitely being better than Galaxy even though Galaxy was more of a surprise since Galaxy 2 just refined and improved on the Galaxy formula, I'd say, ignoring nostalgia:

Galaxy 2 > Odyssey > Galaxy > 64 > Sunshine

Never played 3D World but it just looks less interesting than any of the others.

The next 3D Mario game should be on Switch and should be Galactic Odyssey, that melds Odyssey and Galaxy together, with Cappy and a variety of tiny planetoids with larger ones making up levels. Then they can put these two great Mario concepts to bed and bring something new next gen.