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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your Favorite 3D Mario Game?


Favorite 3D Mario game?

Super Mario 64 17 20.24%
Super Mario Sunshine 3 3.57%
Super Mario Galaxy 20 23.81%
Super Mario Galaxy 2 15 17.86%
Super Mario 3D Land 3 3.57%
Super Mario 3D World 12 14.29%
Super Mario Odyssey 14 16.67%

So much love the 3D Super Mario games. Such a tough call here. Could pick any of 64, Galaxy or Odyssey (to my shame I've never completed Galaxy 2).

I went with 64 because it was such an influential and groundbreaking game that is still so fun to this day. Objectively speaking I'd probably say Galaxy is the best though - it's a near perfect game.

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Galaxy 1 and 2 by far - these games are simply excellence. If Mario 64 is like the Super Mario Bros of the 2D Mario games, then Galaxy 1 and 2 are Super Mario 3 and World.

Super Mario 64 both blew my mind when it came out and frustrated me when I played it because of all the times where the main challenge was straightening the camera.

Super Mario 3D World has some great ideas, I also loved the multiplayer element. The downside was the linearity. It had a “New Super Mario Bros 3D” feel to it rather than a real 3D Mario. Although, was still quite a lot of fun as a multiplayer game.

Super Mario Odyssey wasn’t bad, but it felt like a less epic Galaxy with flatter level design and a hint of Space Station Silicon Valley and 3D World.

Sunshine felt like half a 3D Mario game in scope. It was missing the diversity of theme and design of all other Mario games, which IMO makes nothing in it stand out. Like 3D World, it didn’t feel like a real 3D Mario game.

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64 I assume? That's the one I spent by far the most time with. 3D World was really cool and I enjoyed it a lot more then Odyssey. Never played Galaxy or Sunshine, but I didn't like their concepts anyway.

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Super Mario 3D World I just had way too much fun playing with my friends.

curl-6 said:

Super Mario Galaxy.

From its endlessly inspired and imaginative level design, to its joyous controls, to its sublime soundtrack, it's about as close to perfection as gaming gets.

+ 1, Mario Galaxy withouth any contest. I would like to add, the fun to replay the same levels with luigi, where the 2nd run in Mario Galaxy 2 wasn't any fun at all.

The only thing that could improve MG1, would be adding the Yoshi levels from mario Galaxy 2 and a slightly less depressing story. 

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64, Galaxy, Galaxy 2 are locked behind controllers, at least initially, I did not enjoy.

Sunshine is short. 3D world was fun, but not as unique as it's predecessor.

It's between Odyssey and 3D Land for me. 3D land was such a shockingly good and enjoyable game that felt like it came out of no where. The post game content on that game was INSANE for Nintendo, so I'm giving it to them and I see as of now I'm the only one that voted for it lol oh well.

Always practically impossible to choose between Galaxy 1 and 2 for me, but I guess I’ll give the slight edge to the original. Sure 2 perfected the controls and camera, but I think the galaxies in the first are maybe just ever so slightly more memorable and creative, and the soundtrack of the first can’t be beat.

I will say that 3D World honestly may be right behind them though. Definitely right up there with Odyssey in quality, such an underrated Wii U gem. 64 is honestly close to last. I adored it as much as any Nintendo fan as a kid, but playing it in modern times, it definitely shows its age and has been beaten by pretty much all of its successors.

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1. Super Mario 3D World - It has more platforming than any other 3D Mario game and a lot of good level themes along with many new bosses. Multiplayer was great too.

2. Super Mario Odyssey - It got rid of my biggest complaint with previous collectathon 3D Mario games: You don't get thrown out of a world when you collect a moon. It also has way more to collect than previous games, so it's fun to explore every spot of every world.

3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - More streamlined levels than its predecessor and more different worlds to boost its variety.

4. Super Mario Galaxy - Obviously more original than its direct sequel, but at the same time not as refined.

5. Super Mario 3D Land - It's a lesser game than Super Mario 3D World in every way. Which isn't surprising for a handheld game that gets compared to a home console game.

6. Super Mario Sunshine - A mixed bag by Mario standards. Rushed to release with blue coins to make up for a lack of content and without a hint system as good as Odyssey that would have been necessary the way that blue coins have been implemented. The stages without F.L.U.D.D. constitute Sunshine at its best, the giant sandbird is probably the worst stage in the entire game.

7. Super Mario 64 - It aged the worst out of all these games and feels clunky by today's standards. Of course it was a revelation at the time of its release, but time hasn't been kind to it. Its limited soundtrack also hurts in comparison with the more modern games that usually have individual themes to go along with each kind of world.

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I am going to tag this and get back to you in a couple weeks. I haven't played SM64 or Sunshine in a while, so the All-Stars collection will be a perfect refresher.

3d World. Only one that is two player. It's similar to Mario 2 where the character you chooses has different abilities.
The gamepad isn't a good control, but it isn't the death grip that is the N64 or motion control.

Oh and it actually has challenge to it. Plus what you have to gather is a lot more varied but also requires some effort to find.

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