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Which Nintendo compilation should happen next?

Zelda 23 44.23%
Metroid 10 19.23%
Donkey Kong 7 13.46%
F-Zero 0 0.00%
Pikmin 1 1.92%
Golden Sun 5 9.62%
Star Fox 1 1.92%
Animal Crossing 0 0.00%
Wario 0 0.00%
Other (Please be specific) 5 9.62%
V-r0cK said:
Zelda's already getting enough love. Give me Metroid (or just bring back MP Trilogy i'll be happy)

^THIS!! Every Nintendo game that's not Mario, Zelda or Animal Crossing keeps getting thrown under the bus these days. -_-

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MOTHER! AKA Earthbound!

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

DKC 1,2,3 + Tropical Freeze

Paper Mario Collection should be a no brainer, at least the first three. And they should do what they've done in some cases with other ports and add additional content (like Luigi's side quest in TTYD, I would die).

What I want most is a classic Zelda collection.  Take the 3 NES/SNES Zeldas and give them the Link's Awakening treatment and package them together in one box.  If they include extra content with it then I definitely wouldn't object.

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CaptainExplosion said:
Slownenberg said:

Donkey Kong is just a much less popular franchise.

Then who's that in the top 3 with Mario?

That's great a poll of people likes Donkey Kong. So where's the 10 million or 20 million selling Donkey Kong games??

AngryLittleAlchemist said:

The one I want most is a Metroid Prime Trilogy port. Well, I would want Zelda just as much, but I think with a Zelda collection they'd end up only packing in two games. If it was something like Wind Waker HD, Twillight Princess HD, and a Skyward Sword HD that would be super cool, but it won't be. At best it will be a Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD double pack (and I say best because whilst OoT and MM are arguably more beloved, I personally already have them immediately accessible on the 3DS). You just know Skyward Sword would be "too generous", which sucks because given how divisive it is I *really* don't want to have to pay $60 just to try it when or if it eventually gets a Switch port. 

Slownenberg said:

I mean obviously Zelda should be the next collection, with Zelda's 35th anniversary coming up in February, and there already being rumors that they'll do something with it like they are doing with Mario. I'm assuming they aren't gonna put 5 Zeldas in one package, since they couldn't even be bothered to put both Galaxy's in the same collection, so I'm guessing Zelda collection of OoT, MM, WW, and then maybe TP HD and SS HD sold individually or as a second full price collection.

Also Metroid Prime Trilogy of course.

Pikmin Trilogy would have been nice instead of just 3 Deluxe.

How about a Mario Kart Collection haha. Super, 64, Double Dash, and Wii all in one Collection, with online play and HD resolution...I just miss Double Dash.

Donkey Kong is just a much less popular franchise. Those aren't major sellers, and the best ones were on SNES, so they will all eventually be available on Switch Online. DK64 sucked and there is no need to ever revisit it, and Switch already has a port of the last one, so the only one of the modern games (DKC and after) that is missing is the Wii game, well I haven't played Jungle Beat but that doesn't lend itself as well to normal controls since I am guessing the fun of that was playing on the bongos. It would have been nice if Nintendo had thrown in the Wii DKC in the cart with Tropical Freeze, that way upping the price to $60 would have been more justified. But yeah I don't really feel the need for a Donkey Kong collection at all. Maybe just a collection of the old school pre-DKC games on the eshop for $20 or something, but I don't really think thats a big deal.

That's just factually inaccurate compared to other games you listed like Metroid Prime or Pikmin. Donkey Kong is less popular now, in large part, because Nintendo made it less popular now. The SNES games sold 9m, 5m, and 3.5m respectively, making every entry part of the top 10 best selling SNES games. Donkey Kong 64 sold 5m. Returns on the Wii alone sold a gigantic 6.5m with the 3DS port selling 1.5m as of 2014, almost as much as Tropical Freeze. Yea, the decline in popularity that Donkey Kong had on the Wii U was pretty big, arguably bigger than other franchises (it's a little hard to gauge when a lot of Wii to Wii U titles either didn't get a Wii U sequel, or had abnormalities affecting comparisons like Galaxy getting two entries or BOTW not launching until the Wii U was already dead), but that's not really a testament to the series popularity. It is one of their biggest franchises and would probably sell as well as Luigi's Mansion 3 if it had an ambitious new entry, the series even has potential to be bigger than LM I'd say given it started at much healthier sales. 

Donkey Kong just isn't a major franchise for game sales. Sure it is important in video game history. But the franchise peaked on the SNES, that was over 25 years ago! Even the Wii game, on a system of 100m units, only hit 6.5 million, and the fact that you call that gigantic makes my point for me. It just is not a major sales franchise. Maybe Nintendo just needs to change up the formula and stop doing DKC games that try to bring back the glory of the SNES days, but the one time so far they tried to do something different (DK64) it came off as a miserable game and only sold as well as it did because it was a hugely hyped game, but just ended up being a huge disappointment. And we aren't talking about taking a new Donkey Kong game to the next level to reinvigorate the series, we're talking about a collection of old games. If you said what franchise could desperately use an overhaul to reinvigorate it, then yeah, Donkey Kong would be a very appropriate answer.

After the critical failure of DK64 the franchise just hasn't been as popular. Donkey Kong is a little like Sonic, very well regarded 16 bit games, failed badly in 3D, had to go back to just trying to recreate the nostalgia of the 16 bit games, luckily Nintendo figured this out quickly and didn't try to put out a bunch of bad 3D DK games after the first bad one like Sega did was Sonic. Given that the most popular time for the franchise by far was the SNES and those games will be available on Switch Online, there just isn't much reason for a DK Collection. I'm not saying DK isn't popular, but its not a hugely popular franchise when you take out the DKC games which will eventually all be free with Switch Online. That doesn't leave much left to make a Collection out of. Sure it would be cool if they literally included like every DK game as like the ultimate Donkey Kong collection, but we just saw how Nintendo didn't even include both Galaxy's on the same Collection, so there isn't much point in have like a 4 game DK Collection when three of those are free on Switch Online. If Nintendo makes some sort of DK collection then alright cool, but its certainly not the obvious answer as at the very least Zelda and Metroid Prime collections would be much more desired and unique.

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Slownenberg said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Then who's that in the top 3 with Mario?

That's great a poll of people likes Donkey Kong. So where's the 10 million or 20 million selling Donkey Kong games??

Oh that is such a FAIR comparison.

I guess Kirby isn't popular because it hasn't any 10 million or 20 million selling games, nor do Yoshi or Pikmin, yet Yoshi got a new game not long ago, and Pikmin 3 is still coming to Switch. By your logic they should just scrap Kirby, Yoshi and Pikmin altogether.

I'd be down for a real 3D Zelda collection, with remasters of the 3DS remakes, ports of the Wii U remasters, and a new remaster of Skyward Sword with a few tweaks and enhancements over the base game. Something like that, honestly I'd pay a lot of money for, never mind just the $60 standard. But of course, this wouldn't happen. If these games do come to the Switch, it's either gonna be in hand-picked limited collections, or just outright releasing them all individually for outrageous prices. And they'll use the N64 versions of the N64 originals, rather than going with the visually enhanced 3DS remakes (not getting into the controversial bosses of MM3D here).

What can happen that would be awesome is Metroid Prime Trilogy HD. Personally I'd want a bigger touch-up than just a bump in resolution, but at this point I'll take it. Just hoping it does happen, because the longer we go without it, the less I believe.

I'm not sure if they will make a Zelda collection

Will they put Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask 3DS Wind Waker HD together and ignore Twilight Princess HD?

I'll probably buy if they bring the 4 together, Wind Waker HD always looked neat with their vibrant colors on Wii U, matched the game perfectly