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I hear you! We hear you! Considering the smaller size and scope of our Xbox users here (and partially due to the position of Xbox's market-share), it already leads to lower traffic and topics dedicated to this sector of VGC. But, I admit one of the failures I have been involved in is not doing enough to ensure this can be a comfortable space for you to enjoy here. 

Well, that ends today.

I've had a few discussions about this recently (with mods and users) and they have expressed a major concern for this side of our community. Admittedly, Nintendo and Sony threads and topics are safer spaces and the Xbox side of things should be just as.

What are we going to do? More patrols of Xbox topics. Full stop. Anyone can participate, but be honest and know where your allegiances lie. As with all threads, if a topic doesn't interest you, then do not participate. That way, it causes you no grief, fans of the thread no grief, and things will glide along more peacefully. Naturally, topics deviate from their original source material (and much of the time, if things are civil, this is no big deal), but that needs to be the extent of it. If you have no interest in, Fable, let's say, then you have no reason to jump into a Fable thread to express this. Not looking forward to Halo Infinite? No problem. Let those that are be and do not attack it because your plastic box is the one you prefer. The patrols are just one of a few things we will do to help this situation!

Now, you are allowed to have preferences, obviously. We all have them and that is totally fine. Just please be smart with what topics you choose to join. Sometimes, people want to take a break from their crazy lives and have a good time checking in on things with their favorite brand. That isn't a crime and shouldn't be treated as a moment to 'crap on someone's preference because it isn't one you share'. Be bigger than that!

So, this is another thread that Xbox users can treat as a safe space, particularly for feedback on Xbox topics (though, of course, be mindful of forum rules and etiquette no matter). I'm not going to threaten anyone with any action here, but please remember the deal. If it isn't your cup of tea, see it and move along. 

*Note - The Empire Thread can still be what you use for general Xbox talk. We'll specifically use this as a platform for Xbox fans to come talk with us and give feedback on Xbox-related topics.

Thanks everyone for just giving it some thought. From your Mod Team!

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This is a good first step hopefully!

Props to this, Versus the permabanned would have upvoted this I'm sure ;) ! Hoping the new gen brings in some new Xbox users, getting real sick of Noble, Ice, and Ryuu. jk.

Spade said:
Props to this, Versus the permabanned would have upvoted this I'm sure ;) ! Hoping the new gen brings in some new Xbox users, getting real sick of Noble, Ice, and Ryuu. jk.

Always look on the bright side of life. At least slade6alpha seems to be gone. Haven't seen him in a while and he was the worst of the bunch.

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This is a nice thought/action. I am not really partial to any of the company’s, but I do notice there is a passion against Xbox on this site. It almost feels like there is more passion for bashing Xbox then praising their preferred company. Which is weird to me, almost feels like a political conversation. It’s a tricky line to walk, but I’m sure you guys will do great!

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Spade said:
Props to this, Versus the permabanned would have upvoted this I'm sure ;) ! Hoping the new gen brings in some new Xbox users, getting real sick of Noble, Ice, and Ryuu. jk.

Yes, @Ryuu96 and a chunk of other fans (even beyond Xbox) were instrumental in helping making this a big deal! So, thank you to all of those folks and the rest of the community for giving us a chance to tackle this!


At least one gaming tries to limit fanboy wars. Obviously others merely do it for traffic, even though they know it is wrong.

i applaud this, but this wouldn't have been needed if my reports were taken seriously (or if i was made mod) eventho i curse in em

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gergroy said:
but I do notice there is a passion against Xbox on this site.

It's not specific to this website tho. I am in several forums all accross the globe, and there is always the same issue: moderators asking people to stop bashing/making fun of Xbox fans, one of my favourite forums has its Xbox section locked since yesterday to "clean up" an ban users who are not really fans of the brand.

I think the issue is more widely spread that we can imagine.

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I'm very happy to see you guys addressing this issue. I know I personally felt that the mod team's attitude towards the Xbox fanbase was questionable for most of my 7 years on VGC. The things I saw certain users of other fanbases get away with in regards to trolling and baiting Xbox fans, while certain Xbox fans seemed to get banned for alot less, had me rolling my eyes a great many times over the years, but I kept my mouth shut about it because it often seemed like questioning the mod team was a good way to get yourself banned. It's no surprise to me that we've lost a great many Xbox users over the years, or that so many of the site's Xbox users decided to build up the Xbox Empire thread in order to turn it into a safe space for the Xbox fanbase, instead of venturing out into the rest of the forum where they could get baited into breaking the rules and then banned. It's what allowed Xbox Empire to become much larger than the PlaystationNation and Nintendomination threads in spite of the smaller Xbox userbase on the site.

Xbox representation on the mod team also felt like an issue for a long time. While we did have some Xbox friendly mods over the years, like yo_john117, starfield, slade, and a few others, it didn't seem like most of them stuck around for long. It wasn't until Ryuu joined the mod team that we finally got a long term, lasting Xbox fan on the mod team. So cheers to Ryuu and the rest of the mod team for addressing the issue.

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