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Back to my question: how much? Seriously, if you're motivated to sell your system (and deny your gf what little time you want to give her in Animal Crossing) then sell this thing and make a profit. They are incredibly supply constrained and you'd likely double your money on the Switch, giving you plenty of bells in your pocket to recoup whatever you think you lost on the Super Mario Deluxe purchase.

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I'm sorry for what you experienced. It would be nice if Nintendo provided you with a refund, but I'm pretty sure on the store front it tells you whether or not the game supports online play specifically. I don't have my Switch on me right now, but looking at the website it does say whether it's "Cloud Save Backup" or "Online Play". 

The idea of not buying another Nintendo product again because of this experience is pretty over the top though. You do you though. 

I agree the game should have online player and would be more enjoyable if it was included. Still you should have done your research before buying the game. I had a similar situation with Overcooked on PS4. I was about to buy so I could play online co-op with my friend. Luckily I looked into the game before completing the purchase and realized it does not have online mutiplayer, only couch co-op.

New Super Mario Deluxe U was my first Switch game. I paid around $35 for through Amazon with a discount. The game is not amazing or anything but it is enjoyable. I think it works in short bursts in handheld mode. I think you should give the game a chance at least since you already paid for it. This is also why I buy my Switch games physically. (Next gen all my PS5 games will be digital.)

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I was gonna say £130 (if you're in the UK) but you're absolutely right they're selling fast on ebay. 

lol, this is hilarious

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As a general reply to common themes:

1. yes I absolutely accept that I should have done my research. I assumed I would be able to play online since I had fond memories back in the says of the DS Lite of playing coop. yet This doesn't really excuse their business practice though. Industry standard Steam sales offer an hour of play and then a total no-question refund if you request it. Xbox and Playstation have more cumbersome returns polices than Steam but it is more than possible (edit: sometimes possible). I'm not even asking for refunds - I loved the idea of those Nintendo tickets or tokens where you can redeem for a triple-A first party game. Revoking the licence to Mario bros and crediting one of those would be a very happy compromise. 

2. not taking relationship advice here. 

3. Yes I agree saying "i'm not buying another" was over the top - i'd just spent over an hour reading about court cases and scouring through their returns policy so wasn't exactly in a reasonable mood/ 

4. I bought the Digital edition because of the nifty "primary switch" system. for those who don't know, you can designate a friend's switch as your primary in order to share games. Figured it would be cheaper to buy one digital than one physical copy each.  

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I always find it funny when people make a mistake and try to blame others for it.

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You're right that no refunds on digital products is anti-consumer and a garbage policy. Nintendo, and for that matter Sony/MS are all at fault here, and it's shocking.

You're right to be upset, even if it was your mistake for not checking propperly. Refunds should be available.

The console makers need to catchup, Steam and even the Epic Game Store allow refunds.

It isn't a company's fault if someone buys their product without fully knowing what's in the product unless that company doesn't provide that information. It's all over the internet. There has never been a 2-D Mario game with online multiplayer. Maybe their next one, but why would you assume one originally released in 2012 would have it?

And seriously, Nintendo products have as far as I know always kept their price. Why do they do this? Because their games usually are just as fun years later as the day they launched, are very replayable, and most importantly they know their consumers don't care and will buy them anyway. Other companies can't get the sales figures Nintendo does unless they slash MSRP, but if Nintendo doesn't have to do that to tell the game why would they? More profit for them means more fun games created by them for us to enjoy.

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