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Forums - NSFW Discussion - Sexiest non-genital body part


I choose...

Breasts 36 33.64%
Bum 23 21.50%
Face 16 14.95%
Abs 7 6.54%
Legs 8 7.48%
Feet 8 7.48%
Other 9 8.41%

the belly button because if you put a fish there it does gulu gulu gulu gulu on your belly.

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Jaicee said:

I think hands and arms can be particularly sexy, especially when wet!

(...Don't give me that confused look, hands are essentially sex organs for lesbians for reasons that I think need no further explanation!)

Not a lesbian, but I feel that. Hands are pretty great.

I'm an assman yeah!

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Finale said:
the belly button because if you put a fish there it does gulu gulu gulu gulu on your belly.

I'm absolutely fine with others having weird tastes, leaves more butts for me.

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Feet for me. But it depends very much on the person before me. Some have attractive legs, others a sexy neck. Faces, shoulders, arms, hands, butts and breasts, can all be very sexy.
I will say though, I always found breasts and butts to be overvalued.

It all starts with the Face for me. If I don't find someones face attractive, then I don't give much thought to the rest.

That said, it is a toss up between Butts and Feet from the rest. Depends on the day.

Two things I am absolutely neutral on are Chest and Neck. I can not recall ever getting excited or disappointed by a neck or a chest.

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Kevyn B Grams


Yeah this starts with the face, including eyes, first.

It’s the part you have to look at the most after all. Then comes the legs. I’m not really a boob or ass man in general.

Tough call between face and breasts (particularly nipples).

I think a bad face kills it though, so that is what I will say while I love almost all female breasts.

So an attractive face is ideal!

Chest (pecs), legs, back, forearms... I can't pick. Face is I guess the biggest motivator of attraction.