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I choose...

Breasts 22 29.73%
Bum 17 22.97%
Face 12 16.22%
Abs 3 4.05%
Legs 6 8.11%
Feet 6 8.11%
Other 8 10.81%

Tough call between face and breasts (particularly nipples).

I think a bad face kills it though, so that is what I will say while I love almost all female breasts.

So an attractive face is ideal!

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Chest (pecs), legs, back, forearms... I can't pick. Face is I guess the biggest motivator of attraction.

That poll should be without boobs and bum because that's just like asking if boobs or bum. Without boobs and bum I say legs and neck/shoulder. Well, face is the most important part as a whole and from that I choose the eyes. 

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Boobs and butt are the obvious ones, but for me, eyes, hair, lower back and shoulders can be huge turn-ons.

Also, boobs and butt.

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Tie between breasts, face and legs.

If I had to choose? Probably face.

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    Probably the hairs for me (I love long hairs), though it's a very tough question and it can vary a bit from person to person.

    I have to be honest, I kind of wish butt and breasts weren't counted. It's such an easy cop-out answer to an otherwise interesting question

    I thought boobs were genitals for women. Although in Austin women can walk around with boobs out but that hardly happens.

    Tits and ass, followed by face.