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I’m not good at being a head of company but I would talk with NISA and Falcom and release the rest of the Falcom games on Nintendo Switch and future nintendo console.

I would port all Fire Emblem games to eshop. I would tell Intelligent Systems to make a new Advance Wars. The list goes on and on...

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One more thing, purchase Sega hostile takeover if necessary just make Persona Nintendo-exclusive. Never played a Persona in my life but i just want to see the meltdown

Nothing to see here, move along

Partner with GOG.Com.

Show a Bayonetta 3 trailer.

Fund some revivals of classic SEGA IPs. Like Jet Set Radio and Skies of Arcadia. Virtua Fighter VI. A vanillaware developed Golden Axe. Platinum Shinobi.  Lastly, publish VanQuish 2.

Publish in collab with Konami and PG. Metal Gear Rising 2

Marvelous First Studio and Konami Colab publish Zone of the Enders 3.

Hire M2 and similar studios to get a bunch of classic Nintendo games on Switch and GOG.

Invest in Platinum and a couple of western studios. Not saying outright buy. Just invest.

Xenogears Remake.

Local backups. System messaging to friends. Party chat.

Xenoblade X port and Sequel.

Switch 2. Sticking with the Switch concept and will make marketing very clear this is a successor. Fully BC. Nvidia custom chip. Base PS4 power level with DLSS 2.0.

Delete Waluigi from history.

The Last Story HD/And TLSII

Pokemon MMO by a 3rd party

Mega Man Legends 3

Aquire developed (Octopath) Super Mario RPG 2

Falcom Partnership

Remove YouTube restrictions.

Full Directs every 3 months. Not live-streamed. Just uploaded.

Mini Directs every 2 months.

Become a sponsor of AEW.

Themes. Xenoblade/Astral Chain and DXM avatars.

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shikamaru317 said:

First move would be to get one of the AAA capable Nintendo teams to assist Gamefreak with making the next mainline Pokémon generation a proper AAA game. Lazy animations and dated graphics don’t cut it anymore.

2nd move would be to get older games that are no longer in production released on the eShop through a new version of Virtual console.

Where are you getting these teams from and who’s paying for them? Considering the last Pokémon game has been extraordinarily successful, what commercial problem are you solving? Are you going to force Gamefreak to conform to your demands if they refuse? Will you force them to turn production ownership over to Nintendo?

What is the point of bringing back Virtual Console brand when the EShop already exists as its replacement?

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Shikamo said:

I would fire Bill

You monster! =P

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

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Return their activies in latin America. Nintendo is too behind Xbox and Playstation here

Let whoever's in charge of the Switch/Switch 2 continue doing whatever their doing, while also preparing to release the entire back catalogue on Steam (and other places too if possible, but Steam would be the priority). Mostly just as re-releases but maybe some remasters or full blown remakes where it seems worthwhile too.

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

I would start by creating at least one new studio and hiring people to work there. Nintendo needs more manpower to get more of their games released per year.

I would also install a game suggestion box: Any employee could then submit a fully thought-out idea, which would then be analyzed by the leadership of the different development teams, which can then upon review independently accept or reject the project and also contact said employee for further details. If an idea is accepted, then the person who suggested it will either be transferred and working with the development team (if the person is part or the game development personnel) or in close contact with said team (if the person has no game development background). At the end, the name of the employee will be on top of the credits (After an idea of X Y) and will get some small royalties for it on top of their normal salary.

On the hardware side, I would talk to NVidia to see if we could get a new SoC that would be more powerful without consuming more than the current models and without increasing the price too much so the new model could still be sold at ~$300/300€. With a Carmel quad-core CPU and an Ampere GPU part I think getting close to XBO performance in docked mode would be quite possible, and ~current docked performance in handheld mode.

Go third party. Permanent virtual console including NES-current switch releases on current/next gen platforms and PC. Work directly with gamefreak using an in house developer and begin to develop remake of Pokemon Yellow that reimagines the game to be more like the anime and a 3d world similar to how FF7 became FF7remake. Create an Evangelion based video game because I’d have the money to do it. Mother 3 localization and 3d remake (again in style to FF7remake). 

Dulfite said:
Software: Starfox Adventures 2, Paper Luigi: TTYD spinoff, Super Mario RPG 2, Donkey Kong 3D sequel to 64, Advanced Wars sequel, Mario Strikers sequel, Oriacle of Time/Seasons remake in Links Awakening engine, Smash Bros Open world RPG game with huge and deep story, Battle Royale game with unique art style (new IP, maybe cell shaded?), Metroid 5, Hyrule: Total War, Shadow of War/Mordor-like game set in Hyrule, to start.

Hardware: Release Switch Mini, slightly smaller than LITE and folds in half so you can pack it like a bulky wallet. Then focus on Switch 2 development.

I highly approve of what I've bolded above.  If I were head of Nintendo, I'd hire you to spearhead these projects.