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Pay Capcom whatever they want to work with Keiji Inafune to develop Mega Man Legends 3, and to make Powerstone 3. Pay Sega what they want to develop Skies of Arcadia 2. Tell Camelot to make another Golden Sun, but make it a lot better than Dark Dawn. Get rid of the weird restrictions on Paper Mario. Start development on Kid Icarus Uprising 2.

Once the things I personally want are finished, hand the reigns over to someone qualified to run a company.

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Metallox said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
Release all NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, and Wii games onto GoG, Steam, and the eShop. Charge $10 per game, and laugh as the money rolls in.

The alternative we have right now is better given the price, we may have less games but I think we have the ones that mattered on each platform. It could be even better if Nintendo released N64, GB/GBA and maybe even GameCube games, and that ultimately would make NSO more worthwhile. But Nintendo will be Nintendo. 

What alternative? As far as I know almost nothing from NES, SNES, N64, and GC are purchasable on Switch. Maybe from 3rd parties but especially not from Nintendo's IPs.

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• Right now I’d be working on my August 6th investor presentation to announce Q1 results and Q2 plans. That would really be the priority.
• On the upcoming consoles, I’d yield to my marketing research team on when the optimal date would be to unveil key holiday titles and whatever presentations they have put together in order.
• Restructuring - I’d probably limit this since the system they have now seems good, and restructuring something that is already working into something else is just annoying - unfortunately, new leadership always tends to like to restructure, I won’t be an asshole.
• Future hardware 1 - I am not sure what the plan is, but my goal would be to shift Nintendo toward a much more mainstream business model than the outdated burn it down and rebuild from scratch generations program, since that’s no good for business.I’d look into the various form-factors for each market and tailor the marketing. For poorer countries, something like a Switch-TV, while the wealthier ones will get the Switch hybrid, and last gen handheld to be pushed as the budget model in wealthier countries.
• Future hardware 2 - I’ll look on getting the Switch generation 2 hardware family out as soon as possible,2021 ideally, compatible with the latest dev tools, features, and upgraded joycons with improved lock mechanisms, range, power, and less likely to get drift (plus I’d market some Nintendo brand contact cleaner to fix drift in existing controllers).
• On marketing, I’d keep up with frequent relevant announcements in order to continue to boost software sales further into record breaking zones.
• Marketing 2 - I would look into investment opportunities with third parties to strengthen business relationships.
• Marketing 3 - I’d end directs as a program, they’ve run their course and have ceased being effective ways in delivering information - their reach is primarily limited to trolls who then put a bad spin on it. I’d look into making more formal and focused press releases which can still contain video packages.
• Marketing 4 - I’d bring back weekly Nintendo themed shows from the Wii era to discuss recent and featured software, as well as what’s new for the week; I’d make it fun, but not nearly as campy as NoA’s Nintendo Week, for example.
• I’d have a good chat with Takahashi and knock some heads at Swuare to get my Dream game to come to Switch platforms: Xenogears Chronicles. That would be my one passion project.
• Future products - I’d push for market research into motion gaming with some test product such as Switch Sports, Switch Play, and consider an Ring Fit Deluxe game - since Ring Fit Adventure has been a success.
• Future products 2 - Casual Gaming - and I mean real casual games, not the silly phrase that ignorant trolls used to deride every Wii and DS games for not having a pure button interface, but rather the sort like Animal Crossing that have shorter sessions and long term commitment - something along the lines of the Streetpass games, except maybe include online connections. Of course, I’d clear this with my research team to see if it is a marketable option before pushing forward - there’s no point in reinventing the wheel unless it can draw new interest to the model.

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First move would be to get one of the AAA capable Nintendo teams to assist Gamefreak with making the next mainline Pokémon generation a proper AAA game. Lazy animations and dated graphics don’t cut it anymore.

2nd move would be to get older games that are no longer in production released on the eShop through a new version of Virtual console.

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I would fire Bill


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Hardware: Release Switch Mini, slightly smaller than LITE and folds in half so you can pack it like a bulky wallet. Then focus on Switch 2 development.

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First thing I'd do is buy a hot dog, after that I'd resign and let somebody who knows what they're doing take the wheel.
Oh, and I may do something about Nintendo's Youtube policy, last I heard they're very trigger happy when it comes to issuing copyright strikes.

Go third party and put games on all platforms available. Proceed in rolling in money.

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