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Forums - Politics Discussion - Would you date someone from the opposite side of the political spectrum?


Would you?

Yes 23 47.92%
No 25 52.08%

Nope. Not saying we have to agree on everything political, but if that person was on the opposite side, it wouldn't work. It's not a topic you can avoid forever, so if it got brought up, we'd probably clash. 

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So like a totalitarian right-winger?
It could be entertaining.

But I'm married with 4 kids, I don't need a 5th =P

Honestly though, I'm a simple man, I was always more about looks than politics when it came to going on dates.

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gergroy said:
What’s the opposite side of the center?


If you look at politics as a spectrum of seven steps (far-left, left, center-left, center, center-right, right, far-right) and then consider US politics (relevant because you live there), then the opposite of what you perceive as center is left. That's because the republican party has leant to the right to begin with, covering interests of the right and far-right whereas the democrats cover everything from far-left to center-right on the spectrum. Recently, Trump has moved the republicans even more to the right, so the current split between left and right in the USA means that plain right is essentially the current center in American perception. The opposite of that is plain left.

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To an extend I would. I have both left-wing and right-wing opinions, depending on the issue, it is not like I think there is only one correct opinion on issues. However, there are extremist views that I would just not tolerate. I would probably not date a radical-left wing anarchist nor a right-wing suppremecist.

This might be political incorrect to say though, but in recent years, extremism in the west has almost exclusively been a problem on the right.

As someone who usually leans slightly left, I’d never date a far-left liberal, let alone a far-right conservative. The extremists on both far sides are all lunatics who can’t be reasoned with one way or the other.

If she leaned slightly right. As long as she’s reasonable, logical, and shares a similar sense of morality (something that goes beyond politics) as I do, I’m willing to give it a shot if she is.

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Most women don't have a political view. You shoudl be worried if they want botox upgrades .



Yes I would, provided they can be Adult about it and understand that people have different views and perspectives.

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Even in the olden days, the Golden Age Of Rock, maybe, at best. As my future roommate Vivster alluded to to however, no Trumpettes. Total boner killer.

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vivster said:
curl-6 said:

Civil rights and healthcare shouldn't be political, but sadly the reality is that one's stance on them is often determined by one's political position.

They really aren't though. If someone treats it as if it was political because their party of choice mandates it, that person has failed as a human being, because they lack both compassion and cognitive ability. It's not a political position to deny someone their human rights, it's an asshole position.

Exactly right. Seen people on both sides of politics who share similar views on racism homophobia etc.  At the end of the day this is beyond politics. 

I am yet to meet a woman who openly discusses politics. They are more content driven on social justice issues and rarely mention oh I think we need better politicians because they do not align with my views. 

Also with social media so embedded in our lives, how many people actually genuinely have the views they portray on social media?  Seen so many people on the band wagon of the latest issue just so they can put up selfies with lots of hash tags. Talk to them outside of that, they not even interested in discussing the topic or having a debate about it.



It all depends on what you call opposite side. I can certainly date someone of different opinion, but since I'm a minarquist if you consider the opposite of it someone that wants a totalitarian government with zero freedom and individual rights no I wouldn't date someone as crazy as that.

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