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vivster said:
curl-6 said:

Civil rights and healthcare shouldn't be political, but sadly the reality is that one's stance on them is often determined by one's political position.

They really aren't though. If someone treats it as if it was political because their party of choice mandates it, that person has failed as a human being, because they lack both compassion and cognitive ability. It's not a political position to deny someone their human rights, it's an asshole position.

Exactly right. Seen people on both sides of politics who share similar views on racism homophobia etc.  At the end of the day this is beyond politics. 

I am yet to meet a woman who openly discusses politics. They are more content driven on social justice issues and rarely mention oh I think we need better politicians because they do not align with my views. 

Also with social media so embedded in our lives, how many people actually genuinely have the views they portray on social media?  Seen so many people on the band wagon of the latest issue just so they can put up selfies with lots of hash tags. Talk to them outside of that, they not even interested in discussing the topic or having a debate about it.