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Forums - Politics Discussion - Would you date someone from the opposite side of the political spectrum?


Would you?

Yes 23 47.92%
No 25 52.08%

Would you be open to dating or pursuing a relationship someone whose political views differ greatly from your own?

Have any of you actually had such a relationship before, and how did it work out?

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Well, I fashion myself a moderate so I suppose there is no opposite side? (unless the extreme left or extreme right are considered opposite sides to a moderate/centrist?) If so then no, I wouldn't date someone with extremist views.

Probably not. Not specifically for that reason, but I feel like our personalities would be too different. That being said... if a girl's attractive enough...

Its not a deal breaker, but I doubt there'd be much chemistry.

Lots of red flags exist for women. Excessive swear words, e-girls, mood swings etc. Extroverted politics can be an indicator of mental issues.

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Depends on the country. In Germany? Of course, because we actually have politics here and people are actually reasonable and not selfish sociopaths. In the US? Not even in a million years. Supporting Republicans is akin to hating everything I believe in including myself and that's not a great basis for relationships.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

No, although the idea of a woman who wants to remain in the kitchen is tempting.

Depends on the views. I don't mind having differing opinions on a lot of stuff.

But I can't be with someone who thinks gay people shouldn't have equal rights or that racism still isn't a big problem. (Although after a few months of dating me they'll find out first hand like my current girlfriend has gone through).

There's only 2 races: White and 'Political Agenda'
2 Genders: Male and 'Political Agenda'
2 Hairstyles for female characters: Long and 'Political Agenda'
2 Sexualities: Straight and 'Political Agenda'

No, it’s in most cases a doomed relationship. And frankly I have no patience for most left-wing politics anymore

Hmm... This is a US-only thread I guess. Most sane democracies have politicians trying to win people over to... well... win elections.

Also, for a country the size of the US, it's possibly surprising that there are only two sides to choose between.