Forums - Sales Discussion - Will the Nintendo Switch overtake the PS4 in terms of sales worldwide?

Yes! There all the reasons that can give a yes! No price cut, no revision, softwares that sells amazingly with the hardware (see animal crossing, 8magine what can be with a new mario kart ). Switch is ahead aligned periods with a holiday less, Nintendo plans to keep it more than usual... what else? Switch is a beast!

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Depends on how many times Nintendo will rerelease the console. If they do it as much as they did with the DS it could happen.

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Nope can’t imagine sales will stay as high as some members on here predict. Also, 2023 would be the perfect time for a successor so I hope that will happen, allowing less time for switch to sell

I doubt it. I'm not even sure if the Switch can even hit 100M sales.

Ofc it will sell more than 100M , did you see the Switch vs Wii graphics ?

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I think it's gonna be a close one and I couldn't say which one is going to end up on top.

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V-r0cK said:
I doubt it. I'm not even sure if the Switch can even hit 100M sales.


Shaunodon said:
Louie said:

This thread is full of the typical stereotypes:

"Sony consoles sell well for a longer time."

"Nintendo console sales fall off a cliff."

"All of Nintendo's big hitters have already launched."

Basically, it's the same story that has been told since 2018, based on cherry-picked data. So here are a few facts:

- The Switch is Nintendo's only system on the market and just days ago they have re-re-re-reiterated (Yes! They talk about it constantly!) that the Switch is going to have a long shelf life. How often will Nintendo have to repeat this before people drop the notion that Nintendo will abandon the console prematurely?

- Launches aligned, Switch sales are ahead of PS4 sales. Switch sales have continued to rise year after year, with the first half of 2020 by far being the strongest period the system has ever had.

- Nintendo has not released all of their big hitters for the platform. What about Nintendogs, 2D Mario, Switch Sports, Switch Fit, a new Mario Kart, a new 2D Zelda, Tomodatchi Life, or smaller titles like Starfox, F-Zero, Pikmin, etc.? Also, sequels can sell hardware and we accept that as simple fact on other platforms.

- The Switch has never had a price cut and it never had a major revision of the main model, just the Switch Lite and a boost to battery life.

Long story short: The Switch is still accelerating and outpacing the PS4, has many big franchises left that can still debut on the console and won't be abandoned prematurely by Nintendo. Also, Nintendo's titles are evergreen titles and sell consoles for a long time, so there's a cumulative effect. The chances of the Switch to outsell the PS4 at this point are higher than 50%. Would I bet on it? No, Nintendo likes to make stupid mistakes. Does the Switch have a way higher sales potential than the PS4 due to it appealing to a broader audience? Absolutely. 

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hunter_alien said:
No. The PS4 will end up selling ~130 million units, and honestly, anyone who thinks that next-gen systems won't start to chip away from the Switch from next year is fooling themselves. The Switch can easily reach 120 million, but IMO it will fall short of the PS4 by ~10 million LT.

The issue is that if Nintendo decides to push out the Swith for let's say 8 years as their sole system, they might remain without a viable platform for 2-3 years until the S2 grows to a sizable install base. I don't see them doing that. They will bring out a successor early 2024 the latest.

Without a 'viable platform' for what exactly? Playing Nintendo games? I can't see a more viable platform for that on the market right now.

Well that was the 3DS as well and the system barely chugged along in it's last 2 viable years, and in all honestly, that was mostly on the Pokemon hype that was created with Pokemon Go!

The Switch is in the middle of its lifecycle. We have already seen that price cuts don't necessarily affect Nintendo products in the same way as they do other systems, hence why the 2DS or GC for that matter never really took off. I am fully expecting it to double these numbers LT, but I honestly doubt the 2nd generation franchise titles will push as many systems as the 1st gen titles, for the simple fact that most people who wanted them will have one already. 

Of course, only time will tell how this will all play out, but it sure reminds me of the hype the Wii had, and how many people were expecting it to easily break the 200 million mark. At the end of the day, I have only to win on this, as a Switch owner, so I hope that it will have a massive install base and as much support as it can possibly get. 

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Despite the fact that many Nintendo supporters claiming in this site that price cuts are yet to come, I don’t see Nintendo doing many price cuts for the switch. Even with 3DS/2DS they didn’t do too much. And even Nintendo stated that as long as they can, they will not do price cuts.

As for the games mentioned above, only a New Mario Kart can increase the sales but most people that have Mario kart 8 DE will buy it. Ring fit adventure is already the switch sports and we will have to wait and see for a Nintendogs game on the Switch.

As for the other games (2D Zelda, Star Fox, 3D Mario, 2D Mario, Pikmin, etc), I don’t see them helping to do astronomical sales for the system.

As for PS4 the final number is really on Sony hands.

But the system is 7 years old, is priced at $299(slim)/399(pro) AND it’s going to be replaced in 4 months, and still will do more than 10 million units sold this year, that’s a feature that no other console achieved before.

Possible but very unlikely.