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I choose...

NES 6 6.12%
Super NES 8 8.16%
Nintendo 64 5 5.10%
Gamecube 24 24.49%
Wii 23 23.47%
Wii U 2 2.04%
Switch 30 30.61%

Always loved the Gamecube for its design. It doesn't end with the console itself, it's also about the name, the software design, the overall product and name.
The Switch has a great modern design so it would get my vote as well.
The Wii U console actually does look neat. I'm a bit shocked it's performing so bad in this poll.

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I like the world version of SNES.

The curvature of the system and the colorful buttons are iconic and aesthetically pleasing to me.

Gamecube is my favourite, followed by the black wii.

Switch is kind of ugly. I Like the colours but the grey, huge bezel & dock are just meh.

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The semi-transparent N64s were pretty neat looking. There was something futuristic about being able to kind of see the 'guts' of the console.

I think the original wii. It's fantastic build quality completely solid very unique console

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Surprised 64 doesn't have more votes. The vibrant flashy colors won me over.

GameCube, simple, elegant little cube.

GameCube has my vote for ugliest, by far. It was a hideous purple lunchbox with Fisher-Price controllers.

Maybe if I were still a kid when it came out, but I was around 20 at the time. That was the one time Nintendo made a console whose looks alone screamed “you’re too old to play.” 

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Not a huge fan of the looks of any one of them in particular but for me NS and Wii have been the better ones

I am going to go with the Switch. I dunno, I just like how it looks lol.

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