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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best looking Nintendo console (Design)


I choose...

NES 6 6.12%
Super NES 8 8.16%
Nintendo 64 5 5.10%
Gamecube 24 24.49%
Wii 23 23.47%
Wii U 2 2.04%
Switch 30 30.61%

Totally biased but I absolutely like the Gamecube's design the best. I love that it's so compact and clean looking, and I unironically love the handle. Close second is specifically the western SNES design, but the Gamecube is such an enjoyable design for me. I know this is a thread for "best looking" and not "most practical" but I think that it's hard to ignore that the Gamecube was made to be easily moved between rooms in the house with little hassle. No other home console can compare in that regard except for maybe the Switch.

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Honestly I think the only Nintendo console I actively dislike the look of is the North American SNES.

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Nintendo Wii for me.

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