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I can't believe they finally did it. The madlads. It looks waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Sword/Shield, it's so beautiful.

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labo VR compatible?

I've played that in N64 when I was 7 or 8 years old

It's nice but it didn't take too long before I get bored and went back to Pokemon Stadium

Edit: By the way this is how a Pokemon Main series game on Switch should look like, not that overused 3DS assets from Sword & Shield

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I'm so hyped about this. I loved Pokémon Snap when I was a kid and this one looks GORGEOUS.

And people said Nintendo didn't have games for the rest of the year. Sure it doesn't have a release date yet, but just you wait, Holiday 2020 baby! Megaton!

This actually looks quite great, though. 

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Game is developed by Bandai Namco Studios

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Marth said:

Game is developed by Bandai Namco Studios

Now I'm interested. Bandai Namco does Pokemon justice.

Oooooh snap!
Insane that this is finally happening. I've only tried the original a couple of times, but some people are religious in their adoration of that game.

Looks dope! I must have rented this like 20 times back in the day.

About darn time. This should have been a Wii U game. If any game could have benefited from having the 2 screens it's Pokemon Snap.

Name is pretty bad. 'New' Super Mario Bros. worked because it was a series of games which was begin revived, not a single game. Just 'Pokemon Snap' or Pokemon Snap 2' would have been better. And as Mario proved, 'New' in a title ages really fast.

Graphics look surprisingly nice. My jaw actually dropped when I saw the water sunset scene. It's not the best-looking Switch game, but I was not expecting anything that pretty from a Pokemon title.

Overall a very good announcement. Just a few years later than it should have been.