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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5 will far outsell Xbox Series X, predicts analyst - what's yours ?

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What do you think

I am agree 50 57.47%
I have my own prediction 7 8.05%
I am slightly agree 10 11.49%
Yes , but 6 6.90%
No i am totally not agree 7 8.05%
Lets see and wait 7 8.05%

Even if both companies had the same market reach the XSX would be at a disadvantage here, as high end PC users don't really have a need to get one with all 1st party games being available on PC anyway. As the gen goes on more and more PC users will have the necessary specs to reach or surpass XSX settings.

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As long as Xbox can't win the European market it will get outsold globaly. However there is a thing as globaly in the US, which will be far more interesting.

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It will outsell the Xbox world wide however i dont think it will like how the PS4 did.
Also MS's strategy is very different, it doesnt rely on selling as many consoles compared to Sony or Nintendo. Xbox is just another choice in getting into thier eco-system.

Their trajectory for the PS5 looks reasonable. However, I think they're underestimating the XSX badly here. PS5 will win out, but not nearly with a similar gap as this gen.

Bad analysis.

Microsoft is better positioned this time around than it was with the Xbox One, Harding-Rolls argues, because it has embraced a console gamer focus for the system, has invested heavily in its first-party studio system, will have a Halo game ready for launch, and is expected to sell the Series X for the same price as the PS5.

XSX at the same price as the PS5 would cut a lot more into Sony's sales than this analyst predicts.

I won't make a prediction about the two consoles myself, because some crucial information is still unknown, such as price. But if the two consoles had price parity, then Microsoft would do more than just slightly better than with the Xbox One.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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I'll be interesting to see if cheaper variants like the Digital PS5 and possibly the Xbox Series S will result in stronger sales early on. That could very well happen and in that case I don't think there will be a decrease in combined sales from this gen like it is predicted here, at least not in the first 4 year, though lifetime might be another story.
The ratio between the two is pretty close to what I expect though.

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I think the xo fucked up harder at the start of this gen compared to the 360 with rrod with kinect and being sub optimal.

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I predict Series X to sell way less than Xbox One, the brand is damaged beyond repair & doesn't have anymore system sellers sadly.

Ps5 will keep selling like Ps4, its an easy prediction especially if they hit that 399 sweet spot on the digital version.

If am honest I don’t think Microsoft will outsell the PlayStation 5 but what I will say which I think is quite possible is that’s it not gonna be a land slide like this gen n let me tell you why I think that:

If Microsoft price this console right it means when parents go to buy there child a console for Christmas or birthdays it’s not all about exclusives it’s about those games such as fortnight which to this day I have no idea why my son loves it’s so much.

the price is the key n when you start adding up all the extras  that come with it  Gamepass, mum or dad has just saved them selves a tone of money  again and with most parents who don’t know much they listen to what console is best in terms of bang for your buck so they see Microsoft’s advert as the world most powerful console n then they see price is cheaper than the completion right there it’s a no brainer they gonna purchase the Xbox over the PlayStation n even little Johnny won’t care cuz he can still play with all his mates on fortnight and such 

I expect PS5 to win that battle yes, because why wouldn't it, but I do think it'll be closer than the 8th Gen was because Microsoft isn't making any blunders this time around.