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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5 will far outsell Xbox Series X, predicts analyst - what's yours ?

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What do you think

I am agree 50 57.47%
I have my own prediction 7 8.05%
I am slightly agree 10 11.49%
Yes , but 6 6.90%
No i am totally not agree 7 8.05%
Lets see and wait 7 8.05%

I wonder if the Xbox Series X could have a Wii U problem in that the name leads to confusion about it being some sort of revision of the Xbox One X.

Even my friends who are into gaming barely know the name of the new Xbox lol (while PS5 everyone will understand is the next Playstation). Anyways my prediction is 60 million for Xbox Series X (so slightly above the Xbox One) and 100 million for PS5

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Obviously. Modern warfare is what sold the xbox 360s. Look back, it had a 1 year headstart and was much cheaper, ps3 still outsold. Playstation is a global phenom, it will outsell easily. I'd say will double xbox sales lifetime or more.

We don't know yet the price of PS5 and XSX at Launch. It's too early to make any prediction. I think MS will be more competitive Next Gen, mostly in NA.

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The_Liquid_Laser said:
This analyst is dumb. We don't know a lot about each system yet. We still need to see what kind of games Series X will have, and we don't know the launch price of either system. It might help to actually have all of the relevant information before the "analyst" declares the winner based on their own personal bias.

The irony, the analyst is dumb? You do not need much intelligence to know for sure that ps5 will definitely outsell the xbox. Just ask around who will buy the ps5 and who will buy the xbox, as far as I know from friends, colleagues and from reading internet comments, 60% want the ps5, 10% want the xbox, 30% want a PC

I personally prefer the xbox just because of

-controller (joysticks, triggers)

-controller battery life

-controller removable batteries, which means you only swap battery when you run out

-Backwards compatibility, including some Xbox original, and 360 4k updates

-Design, sure ps5 looks cool, but would look out of place in my entertainment system where everything is black

-Support for KODI and VLC, support for more external drive formats

-Quieter fan, I'm sure sony will cheapen on that again, as usual

-Better specs

Series X - 65 mil by Jan 2027
Ps5 - 90 mil by Jan 2027
Switch - 120 mil by Jan 2024
Next Nintendo device - ??? By Jan 2031

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My prediction in 2023.

SW: 27m

PS5: 24m

XBS: 12m