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Forums - Sales Discussion - May NPD 2020: Switch ~530K; PS4/XBO >150K

Switch: 425k

PS4: 215k

XBO: 170k

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BTW May NPD will be released on June 12. 

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NS - 300K
PS4 - 200K
XBO - 150K

NSW] 390K
[PS4] 185K
[XBO] 160K

zorg1000 said:

What about overall record? I know PS2 did over 500k in 2002 when it got its first price cut and assume Wii or DS had some crazy Mays as well.

Edit: Wii did 675k in May 2008 and I belive thats the overall record.

Edit: After reading this, I'll up my prediction a bit, especially for the Switch

NSW] 470K
[PS4] 215K
[XBO] 185K

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As you can see from my argumentation, I'm going to go with 500k. 

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I believe Switch has a shot at 500k. Provided supply wasnt heavily constrained.

Ill go with
NSW: 515k
PS4: 200k
XBONE: 185k

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Interested in the numbers since all the consoles (especially Switch) will be affected by supply.

I'm throwing blind, probably because of what Benji said.

NSW : 445K
PS4 : 195K
Xbone : 160K

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Switch: 550k-650k
Ps4: 170k-240k