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This one tech demo for the PS5 just destroyed everything that Microsoft showed off the other day

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0D0 said:
Agree to all who said that it's a mid-gen thing. The engine comes out in 21, we will most likely only see its benefits in 23. Unless they have some sort of easy upgrade so that games in dev right now on unreal 4 can be easily switched to version 5. If somebody could share with us how transition from unreal 3 to 4 played out, it'd be nice.

The engine is definitely doing amazing things but none the less this is the running on the PS5. For people wanting to get a look at next gen, this is it. We've all known most games will be cross gen for at least year one and probaly many still for year two.

A tech demo just destroyed the whole Series X event...

Otter said:
Also worth noting this is 1440p/30fps.

Thanks 🤷🤷‍♂

CuCabeludo said:
A tech demo just destroyed the whole Series X event...

Not really. Ill take several of those games over Uncharted Raider: Fallen Order.

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Holy crap! I’m so impressed by this video!

My excitement level for PS5 is at a sky high right now

Next gen will be the first one that I’m planning to adopt very early

2021 is the year for me to own a PS5!

0D0 said:
the-pi-guy said:

The unreal engine 4 demo on PS4 was largely surpassed by the end of the gen. ( I'm no graphics guru...)

And I expect the same thing here.  Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Rockstar, and others, I fully expect them to surpass this demo pretty easily.  

At this point with ps5 almost out, It'd be nice if someone could come up with a thread with lots of ps4 release materials, demos and other stuff. We tend to easily forget how things evolved from there.

UE4 demo was never that impressive and was surpassed by 1st party games in a pretty short time (bar some lighting & particle effects).

Darksorcerer demo is a bit above anything we came to see character wise on PS4, but thats why its so important that this was live gameplay and not just a scripted cutscene where all the engine does is render some characters and a few props.

This PS5 demo is playable and was intended to be playable at GDC. No smoke and mirros.

Hopefully now people can stop thinking everything is going to be native 4k/60fps.

JRPGfan said:
Otter said:
Also worth noting this is 1440p/30fps.

Yeah DF guys just mentioned this (about 12,30 mins into their video).
This if 1440p upscaled to 4k, and its running 30fps.

Same demo is going to be 4k@30fps on XSX.

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Sony connecting themselves to this showing was definitely a good move on their part.

UE5 looks fantastic. Will be great to see games using it