Forums - Gaming Discussion - which next gen console are you looking forward to the most?

Which next gen console are you looking forward to the most?

PS5 1,101 69.33%
Xbox Series X 487 30.67%

I'll go with series x, but I'm pretty set with Nintendo and the Switch


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At the moment neither. I don't think I've ever felt less hyped for new consoles. Hopefully my excitement will start building when they show off some games.

PS5, no contest.

The other has a dumb ass name and is completely redundant since all of its games will be on PC anyway.

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PC as it seems more and more games are crossing over. 1 machine that does all.

PS5. Japanese support is the reason. That and LRG support.

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Series X for me.
I'm just more interested in the games/studios Microsoft have and Nintendo have me more than covered for Japanese third party games now.

Oooh, definitely the PS5, purely on the games. At this stage I dont ever see myself buying an Xbox console (unless things go really bad for sony some years down the track).

Xbox Series X. I will get a PS5 eventually, but Xbox Series X is more powerful and is looking to have more early gen exclusives that interest me.

For me it is the PS5.
I have nerver owned an XBox, and my last Nintendo console was the N64. PS-games just cater more to my tastes as of now. Let's see some PS5 games already.
Also, I just have the og PS4 and I feel its age already. This will be an incredible step up for me from a performance standpoint. OG PS4 almost can't handle Days Gone (which I get is more of a Days Gone problem, than a PS4-problem. But still, I think it would not be a problem on the PS5. Bring it on.)
The next God of war, Horizon, Gran Turismo, Spider Man - just with those as good chances I cannot imagine not getting it.

It depends on the games, so until then I am fine with the PS4/PC right now. Switch is getting closer to me wanting to buy it, but it just needs a few more good games.