Hiku said:

The one that gives me most of the games I want to play.
And that's most likely PS5, even though I'm not a huge fan of their first party stuff aside from a few like Spiderman.

But the new hardware is also interesting. Just want to see a few games being showcased to get a more clear picture of what to expect from next gen games.

m0ney said:
What is there to look forward to? Short loading times? We have that on PC since forever.

From my understanding it's closer to no loading times. No PC game has ever been designed around an SSD iirc, aside from Star Citizen, which isn't out yet.
Games designed to work with HDD's will not be optimal on SSD. But with the next gen systems requiring an SSD, we'll start to see games that are designed to load with SSD in mind.
And these are some very fast SSD's, especially the one in PS5, which still has no counterpart on the market yet iirc.

It's gonna be a design difference but not necessarily a speed difference. Just like in old times where they used elevator rides for loading, you'll see similar tricks. Be that being spawned in a corridor so that the world outside can load or just a bit longer black transition between scenes. The SSDs in the consoles aren't miracles and general PC SSDs are just as fast where it counts.

Loading screens in general have been phased out more and more and actual loading times aren't bottlenecked by how fast your SSD is, but other processes in the background. Loading times haven't been a thing on PC for some time now. The only time where PC gamers notice them is when console players take longer to join the lobby.

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