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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best Game From The Year You Were Born?

So far I have to say Doom 2 external.

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The birth year of the modern fps 1974

Edit: Forgot the name... Maze War!

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same as OP but unlike him I go by the Japanese release (1990).

Don't have many choices, but I'll pick Indy 800 (1975).  

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I was born in March 1988. Yes, I am 32. Super Contra, Super Mario Bros 2, Assault, Altered Beast, Mega Man 2, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, and Super Mario Bros 3 are the major releases in 1988 according to Wikipedia.

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This thread smells like a retirement home xD

I'm reliably informed by Wikipedia that Super Mario Bros 3 was first released in 1988, so that's the clear choice for me.

None I guess...well, technically, games existed on university mainframes of the time, which led to Spacewar! being reworked to become coin operated Computer Space the very next year (1971).

Donkey Kong :D