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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best Game From The Year You Were Born?

Final Fantasy 4. It didn't release in Europe and I didn't have a chance to play it until 11 years later, but I'm still going to count it!

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I'm old.

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Final Fantasy VII, probably.


The Legend of Zelda and Metroid - Disk System versions

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Mother, before it was released in America and became Earthbound.

Final Fantasy 1 ? I'm December 1987

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My birth year had a lot of games that were revolutionary at the time that IMO haven't aged well. Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania... I'm going to have to do with Kid Icarus, cause I feel that while it probably was the least significant in gaming history, it's the most fun to play today.

Super Mario 64 YAHOO !

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1994: Super Metroid, Final Fantasy VI, Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound... You name it xD

Since I never had a SNES, it wasn't until many years later that I got a chance to played them. And I gotta say... It's tough to choose just one. But I guess Super Metroid is the one game that was born a masterpiece and remains a masterpiece 26 years later.

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