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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The 10th Annual Greatest Games Event - Discussion Thread

Mnementh said:
Jpcc86 said:

37 - Correct, thats the one!

38 - Right franchise, wrong entry tho. 

#38: Ehm, uhm, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kongs Quest

Yep, you got it :p

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Grim Fandanco (PC)

Interesting concept and story that are exponentially better thanks to their visuals, synergy in its finest.


Half-Life: Counter-Strike (PC)

A cult game between competitive games, one of the pioneers promoting e-sports.


Starcraft II: Wings of liberty (PC)

Marks a new standard for real time strategy games focusing on great gameplay.


Braid (Xbox360)

The highest point of indie games to date, it is more than you can see being intellectual and witty from start to finish.

#36 - The second adventure of a little guy and a robot.

Guessed by Farsala

This epic game introduced me to a strategy genre that scales it up from only controlling singular units. Here, you manage an empire of cities and regions and balance economies and armies. The Roman theme, which makes pretty much everything better, is added flavor. Other games in the series like Medieval II, which focuses on the age of Kings, Castles and the influence of the Pope, or Empire, which focuses on colonies, domination and global trade, are also two favorites of mine but the Roman theme makes this game stand out. The game itself, the main game at least, follows the period of the Roman Republic after the small city state of Rome became the most dominant in the region and the Kingdom was abolished, until the emergence of the Empire and the critical change of the political structure. The game has two great expansions; Barbarian Invasion and Alexander. The former focusses on the beginning of the fall of the Empire and the Great Migration of Northern and Eastern European tribes into Roman territory. The latter is a short campaign that focuses on the conquests of Macedonian Greek Alexander the Great against the vast Achaemenid Persian Empire.

#35: "YAYAYAYAYA!". This The Offspring song always makes me think of this game.

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Next round of hints:

1. The OTHER RPG, this one made by Namco, about a girl who goes on a pilgrimage to sacrifice herself to the gods.

2. Coin-op beat-em-up game featuring a family of four going up against an evil corporate tycoon

3. The son of a nobleman and his common-born best friend who were raised together are swept up in political intrigues between two powerful princes and the Pope.

S.Peelman said:
#35: "YAYAYAYAYA!". This The Offspring song always makes me think of this game.

Crazy Taxi.

36. Kingdom Hearts

First Played: 2002

Times completed: 5

If you ask me which video game protagonist wields a keybalde, I'll always answer with Pepperouchau because I'm a stupid nerd, but Kingdom Hearts is the better game, by far. Final Fantasy and Disney collide, is how this game was described when it launched, that was enough for me but I don't think things are that simple. The gameplay is action based and you gain various abilities to help the game strike a balance between RPG and Platformer, more skewed towards RPG of course, but I enjoy the extra freedom to explore using double jumps and gliding, to even flying and, controversially, swimming (yes, I like Atlantica).

The animation is incredible bringing each enemy and main character to life and making combat flow really well. Yoko Shimomura provides the excellent soundtrack, taking cues from Disney for some worlds, but most of the music is original and some of my favourite video game music ever. In my opinion it also features some of the best cheesey lines that I can't help love, from Sora to Ansem or even the game's theme song, it's all the kind of stuff I shouldn't like, and may grate on me in some other JRPGs, but here I find it just so unironically pleasing. The story does get crazy, especially in later games but that is a little later on and it’s mostly simple and clean here.

35. A) The age of exploration has dawned upon the world.

B) They can’t save the world from inside a CD player.

33. The first time this game made it to the west, some bad translation created the fearsome Y Burn.

32. Help a mime beat up a clown.

Landale_Star said:

33. The first time this game made it to the west, some bad translation created the fearsome Y Burn.

Final Fantasy V