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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What's the single best game Nintendo has ever created?

I'll elaborate later but this is frankly an easy question.

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LoZ OoT. This was basically my first experience with an open world type game and that alone blew me away. The other thing is that it was one of the first games that really stumped me more than a few times. I think it was the water temple mostly that I spent forever trying to get through. It was a nightmare for me, but once I accomplished it, it felt so great. I also thought the concept or being able to grow older or go back to being younger with a sword and a stone was epic. I also made sure to get the gold cartridge version. I was like a young Goldmember. lol

There are a tonne of other amazing Nin games though. It's like trying to compare steaks. Sure some are better, but they're all steaks in the end, so how bad could they really be?

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Hmm good question.. BOTW would have to be up there as one of there best ever made games.
What a brain strain.

I think I go with Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Yeah, Atlus made it, but with Nintendo involvement.

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Donkey Kong Country trilogy. I know it's made by Rare but it's a Nintendo IP.

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curl-6 said:

Of all the video games Nintendo have made over the decades, which do you think is their very finest, and can you explain why this is your pick and why it deserves it above all others?

Mario Galaxy 1+2.

Why it deserves this pick?
Its the best 3D mario game(s) made, platforming with gravity, and 360 degree, usage of platforms works wonderfull.
The small puzzles and fights, are fine too, and again the platforms often being sphere shaped, allows for intresting usage of such.

Then theres the view while playing it... played on a pc, via emulator upscaled its still the best looking mario too date.
I love the style of its graphics.

Greatest game is a very broad range especially as Nintendo goes because you can do a top 20 with them, their greatest game imo will always be SMB because it lead to what we have now it's impact and legacy can only be matched by Pong, favourite game from them is BOTW currently.

Either Super Mario Bros 3 or Super Mario Galaxy.

If I had to pick one, it'd be Galaxy. Fantastic level design, fantastic gameplay, fantastic music, and a 60fps framerate. Incredibly fun to play, which is all that matters, right?

Mnementh said:
I think I go with Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Yeah, Atlus made it, but with Nintendo involvement.

I love the game, but the lazy level design and the glorification of the J-pop industry (which is known to be very brutal and exploitative) seriously stop me from even considering a top 10 spot for the game from me.

Super Metroid is probably my top seed. I had been gaming for a decade when it came out. But, it was the first game that really sucked me in. All day at school I would count the hours until I could get home and play. And, as others have said, its just an all around great game.

If we take sentimentality out of it, BotW is probably the more objective winner. I will note that the DLC for BotW was disapointing, and probably actually detracts from my love for the game. I'd have preferred not to come back to it for mediocre content that really just tarnished my memories of an otherwise excellent game.